The Farm - Part 1
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The Farm – a non-consensual scene


Kathy   liked to work with animals.  Particularly she liked to handle them.  She knew she was still a slave and subject to whatever the owners of the farm wanted but they had given her some responsibility for managing their livestock. Every day started with the milking round.


All of the animals were safely tied up in their stalls in the barn. Overnight they had been taken care of by the automatic systems.  Every male animal had been fitted with a locked rubber penis gag in their mouths. They had also been fitted with a locked leather chastity belt. The men´s penises had been fastened into a rubber sheath. In every arse was their rigid butt plug. For the women a similar device had been inserted in their vagina. Their breasts were attached to electronic clamps. All animals were secured by their necks and hands to their stalls so there could be no attempted masturbation or attempts to escape.


The automatic systems monitored their state of health and arousal. At random intervals through the night the equipment gave all the inserts a massaging stimulus for a random period. Sometimes it was all the inserts, other times just one. At all times the equipment monitored the hardness of the inserts and adjusted them again randomly to keep the animals constantly aroused but not allowed to orgasm. From time to time there was also a sharp shock from the machinery. The programming was designed so that no one could anticipate the type of stimulus, the timing or the length. The objective was to make the slaves horny but unsatisfied, disoriented and more compliant.


Obviously the programming could be manually over-ridden and Kathy sometimes played with some of the slaves (particularly those to which she had taken a dislike). There was one new girl who Kathy felt deserved special treatment to break her in. Kathy was happy to devote some of her time to increasing the pain element in the mix for the haughty Mandy.


The animals were a mix of slaves owned by the farm for use by paying customers and those who had been sent to be trained by their partners or owners. Mandy was one of the latter and had annoyed Kathy by proclaiming that she would only be here temporarily, unlike Kathy, and once she was out she would make sure that any maltreatment was notified to the authorities. She also made it clear that she expected privileged treatment because of who she was. Kathy swore that she would indeed get special treatment until she was broken and accepted her lowly role.


Meanwhile Kathy had the milking to do. She loved this job. First she went to the stall where Mandy was tethered and unclipped her chastity belt. These were hinged into two parts; the front part had the dildo deep in her cunt, the rear part had an inflatable butt plug.  Under the crotch was a tightening strap, like a belt, so that the inserts could be held firmly in place. The girl moaned as Kathy slowly removed the butt plug. Using her remote control she send some low level massage to the girl´s engorged nipples. Mandy writhed as Kathy slid out the dildo. It was very wet. Kathy proceeded to take her thumb and rub it inside the girl´s wet crack. She took the engorged clit and rolled it between her fingers. Mandy started to breathe more heavily and Kathy knew her climax was very close but she was expert enough to keep her right on the edge. The breathing became more raucous as the girl started to tremble and sank to her knees. She began to gasp and yelp but she was still tethered so she could not climax as she wanted.


Callously Kathy moved away to the first male, Stuart, in the stall opposite. All stall were arranged so that the males could see the females being serviced and vice versa. Stuart was trying to rub legs together as he watched and heard Mandy´s performance. The chastity belt had been well designed to prevent any such “accidents” but Kathy always found that a good female orgasm always increased the milk supply by up to 20%. So, of course, she arranged the performance every morning.


As she undid Stuart´s chastity belt, she deftly pulled out the ridged butt plug. This nearly made him come but she squeezed his prick in its sheath to prevent any ejaculation. She had to collect all the sperm for use later to feed to the females. Stuart´s large prick and balls were now swinging freely in the breeze for her to milk. With a practised hand Kathy started to stroke the prick, she added a little light baby oil to reduce friction, and pulled the foreskin over the knob.


In her expert hands and with Mandy moaning across the passage Stuart quickly ejaculated into the sheath. Kathy took it off his hard cock and ensured that she had collected all the milk in the sheath. Then she deftly pulled and new sheath over his penis and returned the chastity belt to its rightful place.


End of Part 1