my awakening, part 4
Submitted By: jonmgee123

~~she took me by   the hand and led me to the bedroom. “Rmove my clothes and pleasure me, anyway you like but make it your best effort" i came up behind her and encircled her in my arms. inuzzled her neck and nibbles on her ear lobes. first i removed her bustier. i knelt behind her and lowered her thong, she stepped out of it. still behind her i carressed her breasts and knelt and kissed her ass cheeks, then i turned her to my face and kissed her pussy. i stood up and lifted her to the bed. from the end of the bed i craweled between her legs and began to suck her toes.eachto..made love to with my mouth. progressing upward i kissed her inner calf and thigh..hands reaching up to carress your breasts. closer..slowly closer to your warm breath on it...smelling your aroma, your musk. slowly extending my tongue...tasting my first taste of you .pressing my tongue inside...deep...tasting your full essense.. feeling your body react..pulling my face deeper into you..fucking you with my hot warm tongue. meeting your thrusts with my eagar tongue..probing deeper for all of your juices.i hear your moans..i press harder, i want you to cum in my mouth. i want to drink all of you. closer, your breaths ragged, moans louder...sooon...SOON!  i find your clit and press on it..stroking it with my tongue..i feel you shudder and taste your cum...soohot and good. i drink it all in..i want more!  i lay beside you as you recover, carressing your tummy, your breasts, idelly touching your flushed skin. as you recover you smile and look at my still hardcock.."my poor dear, you look in pain. well have to do something about that....tomorrow." with that you kissed me and rolled over and drifted off to sleep. i lay there, my cock keeping my attention but i too, drifted off to sleep. i awoke early in the morning and went to shower, seeing you in bed and remembering last night, i began to soap my organ..i knew i wouldn't be able to control it but it was too much to i hardened..i was almost there when the shower curtin flew open and my Mistress stood before me.. "i thought so!" i immediately quit and began to apploagize. she flung the curtin shut and left the room..i hurried out and dried off. with a towel around my waist i found her in the kitchen, beginning breakfast. "ill do that" i said.."you've been bad. you know better. wellhave to take care of that problem today. your clothes are laidout for the day, when were done with breakfast, put them on" and she ripped the towel from my waist. naked, i finished breakfast and we ate in silence. i cleaned up and went to the bedroom to see what she had laid out for me another matching set of lingerie, panties and garter in black with black nylons. a pair of kakis and a sport shirt. she had dressed in a pretty spring dress and high heels."were going shopping my pet. i think youll find it....enjoyable" she laughed! "come my pet, take my purse" with that we were off, this time she drove cont