my awakening, part 3
Submitted By: jonmgee123

~~  i put on my outfit. i had never been   in anything like it. i looked in the mirror and laughed out loud! what a sight! i went to my Mistress and she had a huge smile on her face. " you really are a slut, my pet" she inspected me closely. "well have to make some changes my pet. you have entirely too much hair. that will have to go., including the mustache." i shuddered, i have never not had a mustache. 'now, my pet, go and prepare dinner, set the table nicely and dont make a mess. youll be cleaning up when were through" i checked the refrig and pantry and made us a nice simple dinner. i set the table with her best dishes and candles. through dinner we got to know each other a little better, with her asking probing questions about what i like or dislike, what i wanted from her and what i would give to her in return. after dinner she rose and said" clean up this and meet me in the living room" after the kitchen was spotless i went into the living room. she was dressed in a leather bustier Fetish Factory Online Catalog she motioned me to her and told me to sit on the floor beside her. "you know i own you dont you my pet?" yes Mistress.. "you will always address me as Mistress, even in public, understood?" yes will not touch my possessions unless allowed to. do you know what that means?" no Mistress... "you will not touch your cock with out permission, you will not cum unless i allow it. understood?" yes Mistress.. you will always be my slut, do you know what that means?" no Misstress..."you will always be in panties, garters and nylons, under your street clothes. here, youll be in any outfit i choose. tomorrow, well go shopping for you. and no, not to macy's mens dept..well go to the womans dept..i want you in pretties, remember? yes Mistress.."you will care for your garments as well as mine. hand washed and spotless. now, lets get rid of all that hair" she stood and pulled me to the bathroom. she took out a shear and and proceeded to shave me. first was my mustache, "My slut will be clean shaved at all times" then to my crotch! my cock was rock hard, even with all this humiliation. in no time she had be hairless. id never felt soo naked. she handed me a bottle of nair and told me to use it and when i am done to go into the bed room and redress. i put it all over me and waited the alloted time. i showerd and realize that i was totally hairless! god what a feeling..soo smooth and soft! i went into the bedroom and found some new items on the bed, i picked them up and inspected them. a matching lingerie set, powder blue panties, garter, and lacy bra, and sheer nylons. i dressed in them, never having put on a bra, i had difficulty with it, i went to the living room and stood for inspection by my Mistress. "now that's more like it, you truly are my slut. how do you feel, pet?" the only word to come to mind was "humiliated" she laughed and said "i think you love it pet, your cock tells me so!" she was right, i was rock hard. "come my slut, i need