his Goddess
Submitted By: Venuskitten

  style="font-family:tahoma,geneva,sans-serif">A tender demon...that is what you asked for My darling..and so that is what I shall give you...As you give yourself to Me... completely and utterly....for My amusement, My excitement, My entertainment and My arousal. I also give Myself completely to you...My attention, My thoughts, My plans, My care, My company and My pleasure. 

Willingly, you begged for Me to become your Mistress, pleaded with Me to accept your submission...and being undeniably aroused by your Dominant nature bowing down and drawn in by the raw, honest need in your voice and the sincere honesty of your words, I stand before you...All dressed up for My severin, in stockings and lace, and the black stilettos that drive you crazy (yes, My darling, I listen)....Can you appreciate how very close I allow you to approach My secret garden ?? Can you even fathom what a lucky boy you are?.. Draw near to Me, so that you may look and fantasize and imagine and memorize, that even in your dreams, either sleeping or awake, you may easily focus your attention on Me and feel My constant control coursing through your blood, as if by the very beating of your sweet, submissive heart. 
 Always out of reach, as I keep your arms and legs in constant bondage by ropes that cannot be untied and locked restraints that there are no keys for...unable to touch and feel the silky, soft flesh that would surely be your immediate undoing. ..( Wouldn't you just love to take Me right now?...pull My soaked panties to the side and slide your shaft between My sugar walls and shoot your hot,creamy release deep inside of Me?? Mmmmm there must be loads built up by now...) 
 Remember, love...alas that is not Our arrangement (although, I will admit, I am turned on by such a gorgeous, tall, manly frame kneeling at My feet)..you begged for a Mistress, a tender demon and so that is what you shall have.... and into the locked cage My cock shall go...with a lock, that We are both aware, is not so easily under My control. The boy is willing to give up all of this power...but the flesh is weak. As you hope and expect, I am a creative Mistress, who details the instructions..and the key is verified secure ;)...Not so easily retrieved....and the tender demon begins her long, sweet tortures..Ohhh how your moans and ragged breath sounds urge Me to push you even further..  
 This is Our arrangement...what you secretly ache for and plead for and seek out and have a constant craving for....Did you ever imagine it could really be this way? You fantasized about Me before you ever knew Me, dreamed about Me before Our paths ever crossed, begged for Me in that quiet, corner of your soul you rarely cast light on...and so now you have Me, and I will keep you locked up as I have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.....
 Alright, fine....out of the cage for a bit...mmhmm yes darling...I know that was the most intense release ever....until the next time, now back in the cage.....Ah? Was that too long this time? Had to cum, eh? Tsk tsk I imagine that it was a ruined orgasm...but an orgasm you had no permission to have none the less ...If you must cum, then cum and cum until your cock is sore and your filthy little balls are empty...and then back in the cage you go....how long this time?? 
 Oh god!!! Yes, even your Mistress has a weakness...those eyes of yours set Me on fire...I see how deeply into your submission you are sinking and I am floating and soaring and high and as you are sinking deeper within yourself, We are somehow still together, soaking in the peace and adrenaline only this connection can produce.... 
 With those words you spoke My pet..unbidden and unprompted...My Tender Demon was fully awakened ..."my Goddess.." you uttered and your total devotion to Me was satisfied.  My breathe caught in My throat and My spirit stirred.. thus sealing Our dynamic for all of the deliciously wicked things I plan to lead Us into....