at the door
Submitted By: beastman01

     I was prepared for   her to arrive after work...

     The candles were burning in the living room.  I was naked, kneeling, in front of the coffee table.  The blindfold covered my eyes, her collar was already in place around my neck, and the leather shackles were on my wrists with the rings dangling from them.  My arms were crossed behind my back.  I was in place as she had taught me.

     My heart raced as I heard the key in the lock.  This was it, the moment I had looked forward to all day.  I heard the door open, and heard the click clack of her heels on the tile floor of the entryway.  She closed the door, and locked it, then I heard her walk onto the carpet, dropping her things on the chair beside the door.  I could smell her perfume as she walked over to me, and it felt like a lightning bolt when she touched my face.

     "You have no idea how crappy my day has been," she said.  "But the day is starting to look up."

     She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me forward.  I leaned down and she placed her foot under my face.  I kissed her shoe, then the top of her foot, and then her ankle.  She placed the other foot in front, and again I kissed the shoe, then the top of her foot, and then her ankle.  As I did I felt her finger trace down the spine of my back towards my ass crack.  I forced myself not to move while the electricity of her touch made me want to leap up.  I had done that in the past, and after some corrective training, I knew not to do so again.

     "Take them off," she said.  "You may use your hands."

     I reached out and managed to grasp one shoe, and delicately removed  it heel first from her foot.  I found the other one and did the same, and she responded by sliding a bare foot across my chest, pinching my nipple with her toes.  "You will be rubbing these later," she said.  "And if you're very lucky, I will allow you to worship them with your tongue."

     She snapped her fingers, and I went back to the kneeling position.  She put a finger inside the o-ring of my collar and gave it a tug.  "Stand, my slave."

     I rose, and she rubbed my chest and pinched at my nipples--not hard, more playfully than anything else.  She kissed the lobes of my ears, and bit them, tugging them with her teeth.  "I need to unwind," she whispered into my ear. 

     She pulled my wrists down behind the small of my back and I heard the 'click' of the shackles being fastened.  My heart raced as she put her finger inside my collar's o-ring and turned me around.  She pulled and led me down the hallway, towards the playroom, and the many devices I knew were there...