Rode hard
Submitted By: Creative96

We're driving back from Baltimore after   a
long trip there and dealing with an even more annoying
client.  We're about three-quarters of the way home,
and the pressure in my bladder is increasing.  I've
pretty much tuned you out at this point because you've
been bitching & complaining about "your life" for
about an hour now, and it's really starting to get on
my nerves.  All I can think about is sliding my pants
down, releasing my vaginal muscles and feeling the
warm urine slip out of me.  Of course, because my
bladder is so full, it's starting to cause my clit to
protrude and my jeans are so tight that the vibration
of the car is rubbing the crotch of my jeans against
my swollen mound and driving me crazy.  

We finally pull into the parking lot of my apartment
and I run up to the door, unlock it and rush inside. 
You follow, and lock the door behind you.  While I
relieve myself you make yourself comfortable on my new
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I snap.
You give me some fucking sob story about not wanting
to go home, and at this point I'm so annoyed I just
shoot you dagger-like looks.
"Fine, you piece of shit, you want to stick around? 
Well I guess you'll just have to pay the price,
because I'm in no fucking mood."
"First of all get off my fucking couch, you maggot!"
Get on the floor!  
I quickly walk to my room and grab the belt that I
have hanging off my doorknob.  I also grab a
hankerchief and the ball gag we bought weeks ago down
in Philly.
You're down on your knees at this point and I buckle
the belt around your neck and lead you to the bedroom,
tugging harshly.
I demand that you strip all of your clothes off and
start putting the ball gag in your mouth but think
better of it.  I'm so goddamned sick of shaving my
crotch for you I decide to lead you to the bathroom
and sit you on the bathmat.  I turn on the shower, the
hot steam fills the room.  I get a razor and some
shaving cream and strip off my clothes.  I pull the
belt around your neck tighter - just to get your
attention - as if I didn't already have it.  
"Don't fucking look at me!" I scream - "keep your eyes
down, you slug - you disgust me!"
I sit down in the shower and spread my legs. I can see
you already getting a huge hard-on, as you kneel at my
"Spread the cream all over my cunt," I demand.
You slowly spread the cream over my glistening,
beautiful flesh, your fingertips dipping down and
brushing the taught opening of my anus.
"Shave me," I say in an aggitated tone.
You start to slowly float the razor over my lips, and
watch the hair flow down the drain. Each stroke makes
my cunt appear softer and more pink - it also makes my
very swollen clit pop out from under it's hood.  It's
almost purple-ish from all the blood flowing to it,
and it's perfectly smooth, round and glistening partly
from the water from the shower, and partly from the
copious amounts of sticky, musky juices that never
seem to stop flowing from my vagina.
After I'm completely shaved, I demand that you dry me
off and pat my bottom with the towel.  
"Now for the good stuff," I say in a hushed, low tone
- almost a growl.
I lay out some old flannel sheets on the floor and
order you to crawl over - as I savagely tug on the
belt around your neck.
I go searching for the bag of goodies we bought months
ago - I know you wondered if we were ever going to use
them. I begin by tieing the hankerchief around your
eyes and inserting the ball gag into your mouth,
snapping the clasp tightly around the base of your
skull.  I take out some handcuffs from the bag and
begin to fasten them around your wrists, but think
better of it.  
"Listen to me," I say in an irritated tone, "I want
you to insert these anal beads up my ass before I tie
you up completely."
You fumble for the small plastic box you hear me throw
down on the sheets, open the box and lay the beads on
the floor.  You then find the tube of K-Y and slather
some all over your index finger.  I practically shove
my beautiful, muscular ass in you face as you grope
for my small little puckered hole.  You spread my
cheeks apart and feel around my crack until you brush
up against my longing asshole.  I feel you put some
K-Y on the very outside of my sphincter and it feels
cold against my hot rectum.  You slowly ease your
index finger in a couple of times to make sure I'm
properly lubed and then you start to insert the beads.
"Ahhh, fuck that feels good," I moan.
Once all the beads have been inserted, I turn around
and feel a surge of pleasure as each individual bead
presses against my colon.
"Ok - hands behind your back you lump of pig shit," I
shout.  "Ass in the air fairy-boy, because I'm going
to give you the fuck of your life."
I reach into the bag again, and this time pull out a
harness with the biggest, fattest cock the store had. 
I strap on the dildo, and position myself behind your
ass that obligingly sticks up in the air.  I push you
head first into a bunch of pillows on the floor and
stroke your ass, plunging fingers up and down your
crack.  I reach down and grab a hold of your balls and
give them and swift, playful tug.  
"Are you ready for me?"  I hear you moan something, as
if I could care what you said - "You're mine now
fuckbag and you're at my mercy, you fucking cunt."  
I step closer, huge dick in hand, and squirt a huge
glob of K-Y onto my huge prick.  You feel me just
slightly touch the outside of your sphincter, and I
can tell that you now have a tremendous hard-on.
I give my hips a sharp thrust and enter your tight
asshole as you moan and gasp into the pillows.  I
start to buck, slowly at first, faster, faster and
then wildly - your back arches and I can tell you are
loving every second, just like the fucking pansy you
are.  I'm fucking you so hard that I notice my nails
are digging into your hips and you're bleeding a bit. 
Just when I think you've had enough, I shove my cock
deep inside you and reach around your quivering body. 
I grab a hold of your huge, totally aroused member and
give you the hand job of your life.  As I bang
incessantly up against your prostate, I stroke you off
until your rip a huge orgasm, shooting your white hot
jism across the room.  Globs of your spunk are
dripping off my dresser and down the wall.  I pull out
my huge rod from your ass and watch your sphincter
muscles close.  I untie you completely, unlocking the
handcuffs and look down on your pale, quivering
"now, get out!"