Office slut
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~~"Your wife coming tonight?" George   asked.

 "No, she's gotta work late and take care of the kids." I answer plainly.

 It was the end of the first quarter and we had blown away our sales budgets so my boss, George, decided we'd throw a party at the office after closing tonight. I had been hired a year ago, but this was the first time we had beaten budget for a full quarter. The party had nothing on the bonus I was getting, but I was sure it would be fun. There weren't many of us in the office, just me, George, Patrick, John, Steve, and George's secretary Karen. I was the youngest manager in the office at 31 years old. Patrick, John, and Steve were all closer to 40. George had just celebrated his 45th birthday. I was always jealous of George. He had a great career, a wonderful family, and a smoking hot secretary in Karen. She was about 25, all of 5'11", and no more than 125lbs. I always wondered if George had ever gotten to fuck her but never had the balls to ask. My wife wouldn't be happy if she knew the dirty things I had thought about Karen. Never had the balls to actually hit on her or anything though.

 "Ahh, well it looks like it's just the five of us then. Everyone else said their wives can't make it."

 "Sounds good to me. Need me to get anything set up?"

 "No, I think Karen's got it."

 As he said that we both turned and looked at where Karen was putting up decorations. She was standing on a step stool hanging a banner. She always dressed professional, but very sexy, and you could just barely see up her skirt as she reached. I probably just imagined it but it looked like she wasn't wearing any panties. I prayed for her to stretch more so I could get a better view, but I decided it'd be best to not stare.

 "Yep, looks that way." I said, returning my attention to George.

 "Alright, well let me go take care of some work here. We'll start the party at five."

 "Sure thing, I'll be there"

 The last few hours at work dragged on. Finally the clock hit five and we shut everything down. George got in front of the four of us and gave a short speech about how well we did for the quarter. It was typical boring office stuff, but it wasn't too bad. When he finished he let us all into the break room where he had a simple sandwich tray and some pasta dishes set up. More importantly, there was a tray with a few bottles of various liquors and a cooler full of beer.

 "Thank God" I said as I grabbed a beer and opened it.

 The other guys followed my lead and cracked open beers. Karen went right for the liquor and poured herself a vodka tonic.

 "Fuck she's hot." Steve whispered to me.

 I nodded in response, not wanting to risk being heard. We all made small chit chat as we continued to drink and eat. It wasn't long before the mood was looser and everyone had a solid buzz from the booze. Everyone, including myself, was joking and flirting with Karen as I'm sure we all wished she was going home with us. Steve decided to step out for a cigarette, and I decided to join him since I was drunk. I was surprised to hear John and Patrick follow us since I had never seen them smoke even when we were shitfaced at the annual sales meeting. After a couple minutes, George joined us as well.

 "Where's Karen?" I asked.

 "Had to use the girl's room." George replied flatly.

 "She's fucking hot man, how'd you find that piece of ass?" Patrick asked bluntly

 I was surprised by the question and the bluntness of it. Obviously we had all thought it, but only one of us had finally said it.

 "She just applied and I figured the place could use better scenery. You guys were ruining the view." George joked as we laughed with him.

 We finished our smokes and went inside. Karen was still nowhere to be seen. We all got new drinks as George stood by the hallway and called for our attention.

 "I want to thank you all for your hard work this quarter. This food and drink is almost enough to repay your efforts. Almost."

 We were all confused and shot glances at each other.

 "I have one more surprise for you all and I promise you it is even better."

 With that, he stepped aside and we saw Karen walking down the hallway. She walked with a confidence that drove me wild. She had changed from her work clothes and was wearing sheer red pantyhose, red garters, red lace panties, and a red lace bra. I was immediately hard, but unable to move or speak as she walked towards us. We all stared with our mouths agape and she walked right through the middle of us. She had cleared off one of the food tables and she climbed on top of it. She laid on her back, her legs open facing us. The only thing separating he pussy from us was her red lace panties. Nobody talked and nobody moved. I couldn't see anything except for her sexy, young body laying on the table.

 "Well guys, she's all yours." George said.

 Karen didn't say a word or move a muscle. She just laid there, confident, sexy, ready. I was raging hard at this point and lost control over my body. I walked up to the table and stood beside her. The table put her head right at crotch level and she looked up at me and smiled at the bulge in my khakis. She reached up and undid my belt and pants expertly. My pants dropped and my cock peaked through the slit in my boxers. She reached up and squeezed my cock before pulling my boxers down. For a brief second I wondered what I was doing. I'm married, with kids, and now I'm naked with my coworkers while my boss's secretary is laying on a table in lingerie. Before I could pull myself away, Karen put her lips around the head of my cock. There was no way I could go back now. Her lips worked my shaft wonderfully, going up and down as her tongue swirled around it. By now, I was able to look around and see what else was going on. George was just standing by the door, watching. Steve was on the other side of her with his cock out and she was jacking him off. Patrick was kneeling at the table with her panties pulled to the side, fingering he pussy and flicking at it with his tongue. She kept sucking and sucking as she moaned with pleasure from Patrick's fingers and tongue.

 "I want you to fuck me." Karen said flatly to me as she pulled her head off my cock.

 I didn't need to be told twice. Patrick got up and walked over to the side I had been on. I stood at the end of the table, my cock rubbing the outside of her panties. I grabbed her panties and ripped a hole in the middle of them. I could see her wet, glistening pussy and pushed my finger inside. It was tight and wet and my cock twitched from the excitement. I fingered her more as she sucked and jerked Steve and Patrick. She squirmed and pushed her hips against my fingers. I pulled them out and licked them, tasting her delicious juices.

 I lined my cock up to her wet hole and shoved it in all at once. She yelped in pain and pleasure as I filled her pussy and stretched her lips. Something took over my body and I just began pounding her pussy. Normally I was a gentle, respectful lover, but I just wanted to destroy her pussy. I kept pounding and pounding as her pussy cliched and she moaned loudly. She kept eagerly sucking and jerking Steve and Patrick. Her orgasm seemed to make her more eager to take their cocks in her mouth as she switched between the two.

 "Oh fuck yes," She screamed, "Fuck me, harder, oh fuck!"

 I pounded and pounded. Soon I felt my balls tighten and my cock spasm as I shot my cum deep inside her. I kept thrusting as I shot more and more cum in her pussy. She took it eagerly as she kept sucking. My cock finished its spasms and I pulled it out of her. My cum dripped from her pussy onto the floor. I wiped some with my finger as Steve came to take my place. I filled Steve's place and made Karen lick my cum off my fingers. She licked every inch of my fingers as Steve shoved his hard member inside of her. She moaned more and more as she sucked Patrick and jerked my still hard cock.

 "Oh God, she's such a fucking whore," Steve moaned, "She wants even more cum!"

 Steve was right. She had just taken one of the biggest loads I had ever had and was already doing everything she could to get Steve's. She pushed against his thrusts with her hips as she took all of Patrick's shaft in her mouth. Patrick had ripped her bra open and was fondling her breasts and nipples as he guided her head up and down his shaft. Was she sucking him or was he fucking her face? Either way, I loved it and was hard again. Steve fucked her hard and rough, grabbing her legs and forcing her to take his whole cock. He began moaning and breathing loudly as he too dumped his cum inside her. He pulled her all the way down his cock as he shot his cum inside her. She moaned with another orgasm as another load filled her pussy. I couldn't believe it, this whole time I had worked with an amazing cumslut and didn't know it.

 Steve pulled out of her and I could hear some drips of cum fall to the floor. I leaned over to look and saw her shaved pussy oozing cum. It turned me on even more. Patrick filled Steve's place between her legs and started pounding her pussy just like me and Steve had. Steve made her clean his cock off before pulling away and getting dressed. I was still hard and wanted to cum again, so she turned her full oral attention to me. She stroked and sucked as Patrick pounded her cum drenched pussy. I didn't know how she hadn't lost any interest, but she was still eagerly taking Patrick's cock in her pussy and my cock in her mouth.

 I held her head and began thrusting my hips into her mouth. She cupped my balls as I fucked her face. She moaned with delight as she looked up at me with a mouth full of cock. I pulled her hair and continued fucking her face. Patrick came quickly and left even more cum inside of her. He pulled out with even more drops of cum hitting the floor. I thrust my cock deep down her throat and soon felt another orgasm coming. I pulled her face away and held her hair, pulling it back to look at me. I jerked my cock as she opened her mouth to take the full load. I came quickly. The first shot splattered across her left eye and upper lip. She licked at it as the second shot landed directly on her tongue. The next two shots went right into her mouth before I pushed my cock back in her mouth. She took all the cum my cock still had and swallowed every drop. When I pulled it out, she wiped the cum from her face and into her mouth. I started getting dressed as she wiped cum from her pussy and licked it from her fingers. I couldn't believe how eager of a cumslut she was. I got dressed as I saw George get his pants off and Karen started sucking him. I looked at the clock and saw it was already 9:45pm. I got dressed quickly and headed for the door.

 "See you Monday." Karen said in a sultry voice.

 "Can't wait." I said with a smile as I saw George penetrate her cum filled pussy.

 I walked out the door and got in my car. I headed home, but first stopped at CVS to get some wipes so my cock didn't smell like cum and pussy when I got home. I spent the weekend bored at home, looking forward to Monday...