Mistress Reeds Toy
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Mistress has expressed a wish to toy with me.
Of course that means anything she wishes it to.
While I am submissive, I do not of my own volition crossdress.
Mistress however does wish me to, which does mean that it of course becomes my wish and desire too.
Two nights ago I was given a task, to "sissy up".
So after showering thoroughly, it would after all be disrespectful not to be as presentable as possible for Mistress, I dressed.
All Dommes that I have had the honour to serve seem to be quite keen on this, so I have since first serving not been allowed to wear male underwear and instead have for the past couple years always worn panties or knickers, I count myself lucky so far in not having been made to wear thongs.
First were the purple panties with a lace inset, the lace is important because as the effect of dressing for Mistress takes effect and things begin to expand that lace tends to be rather tight and often with movement cuts into the expansion result from the excitement of obeying Mistress.
After the panties are pulled up uncomfortably come the stockings, hold ups, black with lace tops, I have been told I have good legs, but they are masculine legs complete with hair, and so the effect is  more one of humiliation than of looking in the least bit sexy.
Finally the purple nightie, matching the knickers, again with lace panels.
Standing I check myself in the mirror.
I think Mistress would be pleased.
I am not feminine and the effect is more of a lumpy sack of potatoes than anything beautiful.
But it is rather obvious that no one would choose this look, but would only dress like this if under the total control of someone else, and that is of course the truth, I am.
Every movement I make reinforces that, I feel the stockings tight on my legs, each step a reminder of my surrender, if I sit I feel the tight lace of the knickers cut into me, any movement of my torso and the lace panels of the nightie rub and rustle oh so sexily against me, and my body responds, as much as I don't want to feel sexy dressed like this I do, very.
The knowledge that I am dressed and feeling like this for a beautiful and powerful Mistress increase my arousal every minute as I slip into bed.
Then the real humiliation begins, I am randy, very randy, I cannot get comfortable, every movement and rustle of lace turns me on, as do the stockings tight on my legs.
So I spend the night in constant restless frustration, always aware of my submission to my beautiful Mistress, but not having been given permission, cannot give myself any relief from the building pressure.
Thank you Mistress
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