Inferior Women
Submitted By: GoddessGemma

Ah the ebbs and flows of BDSM. It truly is Inferior Women  something. I love sitting up on My high horse while I view everyone from below Me that wants to please Me so. What I don't understand or tolerate in My world is when someone steps over their boundaries and attempts to break the rules that we, as a community, have set in place. This person has no regard for our way of living. They don't comprehend and don't try to. These people have no place in our sanctuaries. I have made a game of capturing dommes who have attempted to steal My subs. I find it completely entertaining! It's satisfying to watch someone try so hard to become My equivalent or even surpass Me but they fail horribly because I truly am surperior. I have collected a total of two now but will collect more if need be. Want to join My army? If you are a domme, the quickest way into My clutches is for you to attempt to cross Me. If you are a loyal sub, you must tribute to show your seriousness.