To Whom It May Concern
Submitted By: drfellow

To whom it may concern:

My   husband, drfellow, has confided in me that he has visited you a few times. He recently admitted that he has seen you on a professional basis and asked for my forgiveness. I have accepted his apology on one condition - that I become his mistress.

He has agreed to this and this is the beginning of his training. I have agreed to let him continue to see you with my approval. However, before I give him permission to actually set an appointment with you, I would like you to read this and let me know if you agree to the terms in this letter. If not, I will NOT let him set an appointment with you.

My approval comes with these caveats:

·        He will ask for my approval before making any appointment with you

·        He will bring this letter with him to the appointment and give it to you

·        You may ask a third person (male or female) to be present and take part in the appointment (this person will be compensated) - Please let him know at the time of making the appointment that a third party will be attending and any extra fees in appointment email

·        For any appointment with you he have a butt plug inserted

·        He will be wearing a pair of my panties

·        He has to do everything you ask him to do during the appointment

The butt plug and panties are to train him and also remind him that I am his Mistress

He will bring the following items to any appointment he has with you:

·        Lube, butt plug (inserted), dildo, condoms, sanitary gloves, camera, and anything additional you request (let him know in email what, if any, extra items he is to bring to the appointment in appointment email)

In order to reinforce his slave situation I would ask that, in addition to anything you would like him to do for you, that you or any third party you invited would, at minimum:

·        Have him provide oral pleasure both front and back in different positions as you request

·        Have him pleasure you while you are sitting on his face

·        Have him suck your toes

·        I Have him interact with any third person present as you request

·        Have photos taken during any activity, if possible, with his face showing (not yours unless you approve)

·        Play with his asshole with both your gloved fingers and any butt plug or dildo he brought to the appointment, or you may use any such toys you may have that you would like to use

·        Allow him to get an erection (if possible due to his ED) and reach orgasm with your help or on his own (your choice).

·        Make him eat his own cum

·        Reinsert the butt plug before he leaves the appointment

You may spank his bare ass with your hands if he fails to follow your commands in a timely fashion or forgets to bring any items listed above.

Please list any issues you had with him during this appointment on the back of this sheet and return the sheet to him so that I may address them when he returns home.

Thank you for your support in my effort to train him as a proper slave to me.

Appointment Check list

Date of appointment:                                       , Third Party Present:    Yes    No    M    F

Did he perform the following to your satisfaction during the appointment:





Had butt plug inserted




Wore my panties to appointment




Brought required items




Provided oral pleasure F and B




Pleasured you while sitting on his face




Sucked your toes




Allowed photos to be taken




Had his asshole played with




Had an orgasm




Ate his own cum




Had the butt plug reinserted prior to leaving




Any Additional Comments: