Turn My boyfriend into foot slut
Submitted By: MistressX

I came home from a night out with the girls Turn My boyfriend into foot slut  and my feet were aching. I was wearing my red high heels with no socks or tights as it was a warm summer night with a matching tight red dress. My feet were a bit sore and sweaty from a night of dancing and I was tired.

My boyfriend was sitting on the sofa waiting for me to get home so he could see me before bed. I flopped onto the end of the sofa and put my feet onto his lap. I motioned for him to take off my shoes. He took off my right shoe and I put my foot onto his lap he then took off my left shoe and started stroking it lazily.

I pressed my toes against his groin and switched my toes between pushing softly on his balls and rubbing the length of his penis through his trousers. It was nice to felt him there all warm and hard against my foot which made my pussy pulse and clit swell at the thought.

He touched my legs and smoothed his fingers over my soft smooth legs. He caressed my thighs and was looking up my skirt at my panties and got a glimpse of my lacy red panties.

He held my ankles and slowly glided his fingers under my feet so his hands cupped them and moved towards my toes. He pushed my toes apart slowly with his fingers entwining my toes with his fingers.

He got up and quickly returned with some moisturising foot cream but before he used the cream he wanted to taste me.

His hands were trembling in sexual excitement that filled his body as I raised my foot to his face. He took my foot into his hands and moved his hands over my toes, feet then my ankle and calf. He took my toes into his mouth and a jolt of sexual exhilaration ran through me and my pussy was throbbing as he ran his tongue between my toes and sucked on them gently. I raised my other foot to his face and slid it over his cheeks and teasing him with my toes.

He ran his tongue up and down my feet from toe to heel and caressed my soft ankles as he did so. I outstretched my legs and played with his cock and balls whilst he worked my feet.

He took the moisturising foot cream and started working it into my feet. He started at my toes dabbing a bit of cream on each then rubbing it in softly. He dabbed some cream onto my arches and stroked it into my skin then worked on my heels. He took his hard cock out of his trousers and rubbed his cock up and down my feet sliding along the length of my arches with the cream. My feet struggled in a ticklish response but the sexual element just made me sign with pleasure.

He started with my little toes and aimed his cock between the gap of each toe on each foot I gripped the end of his cock with my toes to encourage him to continue.

I pulled him down onto the floor and took off my clothing and stripped him naked.

I sat in front of him with my legs bent rubbing and squeezing his balls with the toes of my right foot, moving my left foot up and down his shaft with his cock held tight between my toes. I then pushed his penis to his stomach and ran my whole foot along his shaft.

I held his cock straight with my feet and brought them down onto his hip bone. I got faster and faster and squeezed harder and harder until he was close to orgasm. I smiled and asked “are you going to cum over my sexy feet?”

He replied in a murmur “oh yes baby” His engorged member squirted semen over the tops of my sexy feet. I rubbed the spunk into my left foot with my toes and then into my right foot with my left toes.

"Your cum feels good on my toes" I said smiling at him. He asked me to lick it off so I obliged.

I twisted my right foot towards me and grabbed my ankle and licked my creamy foot and I sucked on my sticky toes whilst looking him right in the eyes. I then did it to my left foot and put my nicely licked clean feet on his stomach and caressed his now growing penis with my hands.

I rested my heels on his balls with my toes together as I squeezed his dick between my feet, slowly bringing my arches up and down his shaft I then swapped to using my toes wrapping them all around his penis. I moved my feet up and down in unison along his cock and squeezed harder as he drew nearer to orgasm slapping my feet onto his pubic bone.

He exploded onto the soles of my beautiful feet his dick quivering and pumping with delight between my arches. I licked the cum from the bottom of each of my feet and put them next to his face so he could hold them as I licked every drop of semen off his penis and pubic hair.

After all this excitement I was exhausted so we went to bed as we snuggled up I asked him if he’d like to sleep by my feet. He was very happy at this suggestion and he kissed the bottoms of my perfect feet. He asked me to turn round so my toes were facing him. He held my left foot in his hand and held my right ankle as he tenderly sucked on my toes with my feet together.

He rested his chin against my feet with my toes on his lips as he drifted to sleep.