Sissy Gets A Spanking
Submitted By: MsMorrigan

And just in days, weeks and months (7 to be   exact) as before the Thin framed little sissy bitch stood silently by the living room couch with a large wooden flat square hairbrush in her hand. She held it down near waist level. Staring at the floor below her with her head bowed awaiting her governess to arrive to administer her daily spanking before she left for work that day...... The sun shone brightly through the window shades just beyond the thin pale window veils. It crept across the carpet and almost came to rest at the tip of sissies little pink mary janes. Standing there in all her frilly service best, sissy waited faithfully for that which she knew was best for her.


Soon a closed door was heard and the sound of her governess coming down the hall. As she was forbidden from looking up, she could not tell but the scent was unmistakeable. The scent was the air of strong dominance laced with  the fragrance of hypnotic poison it seemed this particular morning. Through her downward cast gaze sissy tried to sneak a peak at her lovely miss, but alas the misses did catch her. With a slight scowl on her face she left her work items by the front door and walked over to the sweet little sissy standing silently still.  With a quick sudden motion she smacked her face leaving it quite pink in nature. She then sat on the couch. SIssy then extended her arm handing her misses the brush. Sissy bent down then lowered herself onto her misses lap.


Sissy took a deep breath in preparation for her spanking. Her misses tightly grabbed her by the hair lifting her head slightly and chastising her for peaking. She releases her hair and pats sissy's bottom over to her frilly pink satin bloomers. Slowly she pealed them down until they were around little sissy girls knees. Then she allowed them to fall to her gangly little ankles. She giggled an ran her hands across the naked flesh before her. Slowly probing the tight little crack, tracing with her finger contemplating a insertion. "Not today she says my new manicure will not allow that." With a wicked smile upon her ruby red lips, she begins to slowly and lightly spank the sweet bare sissy cheeks on her lap.


Sissy did not hate her daily spankings but she didnt totally like them either. She did understand however how essential they were to her mental well being and service to her misses, so therefore she came to look forward to them in a sense. It made her feel much closer to her misses. And as the spanks they came, harder and more severe a tiny tear began to form in one of sissy's eyes. And just when she thought she couldnt take it anymore, that tear rolled from her eye and soaked into the carpet beneath and suddenly the spanking stopped.


Sissy dare not try and get up just yet, she had not been properly dismissed. As she laid there with her bare aching ass exposed the silence and stillness was almost overwhelming. For a split second she began to panic in her mind. But just as the spanking stopped it began once again. Misses explained that this was punishment for breaking her protocol of gaze downward only when awaiting her daily spanking. The hair brush was a bit more harder than her misses hand. It left more of a sting and soon tears began to form in both her little sissy eyes. As the strokes were administered the tears began to flow, until once again the swats they stopped and so did the tears.


The deed was done and now it was time for the governess to leave for work. She dismissed Sissy from her lap. Sissy quickly stood up, then reached down and pulled her frilly knickers up. She curtsied and thanked her misses for her correction and daily spanking. Misses reached over and patted her on the pink pantied covered smarting ass cheeks. SHe smiled as she stood up. She dismissed sissy to go about her daily house chores. Sissy headed straight for the bedroom to clean and straighten up with a smile on her face.


Her misses grabbed her gear and disappeared, off to work for another day!....