The Huntress Pt 1 (A true story)
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She was looking for fun nothing more.

She   listed as sub but was looking to Domme.

She spotted her prey by a writing he posted.

Far older than her, possibly more experienced, something different.

She approached with stealth, a love, a comment, which gained a polite thank you in return.

She had expected, from experience and from her photos a "Gosh you're hot, can we get to know each other ?".

She pushed harder turned on the charms, some mild flirting, a polite reply and friendly chat was the response she got.

No one had turned her down before, the challenge was accepted.

She stopped short of "I want to fuck you".

But turned on the full Bimbo Fuckdoll mode to get his attention and surrender.

She got her response, but not the one she expected.

For he spoke to her, not as Bimbo Fuckdoll, but to what was underneath, he spoke to her as a person, with respect, it shocked her.

No one had bothered to look underneath before, to look past the instant gratification, and see what was underneath.

Bimbo Fuckdoll was silent for the first time, allowing her to speak, her the intelligent beautiful woman hidden deep inside, and it felt so good.

But it had hooked her, this was not the usual quick fuck and run, this was someone interested in her, her needs, her feelings, not something she had encountered before.

Hunter had become the prey.

Though he did surrender, completly and without reservation, but it was to her not Bimbo Fuckdoll.


The huntress stalked her prey all day
Had him trapped and pinned at bay
But no fear did he display
Instead he smiled....

And said lets play