Never too Late
Submitted By: applebottom2

 Never to late to be retraining.

 After   our marriage was past its fifth anniversary Willem my husband had found a voice that was unacceptable to me Janice. He had been submissive as every acceptable husband should be. Giving me pleasure before I went to sleep, with at least two oral orgasms was mandatory when wanted them To have his sticky semen dripping out of my vagina, or me waking up after a good orgasm after being satisfied, then needing a douche was not an acceptable choice, or Willem to wash his face and be cold enough to annoy me was a no,no.

 I had two lovely children my use for him, other than being a providing and loving father was all that he was needed for. It all started to change after we had become friends with Beverley and her partner after we had become lesbian lovers. Finding we gave one and other much more satisfying sex than our husbands did. A weekend followed that we had the couple visiting us at our home. While the children had been invited by their aunt for same weekend. That weekend I found the best changes to apply to my submissive man.

 Arriving just before lunch Beverley and her husband enjoyed the meal with Willem and me, with plenty of our favorite concoction of a mixture of gin and a cheap bubbly mixed into a dozen eggs making it one fluffed up mass to dip in for refills. By the time lunch had finished we were all in a very happy mood. So when Beverley told the men to watch us, showing them how oral loving should be done, neither male objected.

 When I was on the point of a massive orgasm I could not stop Beverley's husband entering my virgin anus, while my Willem was following her partners pursuit by entering Beverley's anus at the time we were both in a state of no return before coming down from our first orgasm. My friend did never stop licking and stimulating the folds and clitoris of my vagina while Willem's Face was in front of me behind Beverley's Legs. The feeling of pain of the thick cock in my rectum did not stop me making it to the rising of a following orgasm during witch my rectum was filled with her husbands semen. By the time their erections had gone soft. Her husband changed places with mine and began licking and sucking Beverley's anus clean while Willem just stood and got himself another drink. Only cleaning my anus when I told him to do so, he would have lost face if he had not.

 By the time we were satisfied and were talking Beverley asked if I had Willem trained to lick me clean especially my rosebud daily so his internal intestinal flora would benefit the same way as we licked each others anus when making love. I asked her, "Tell me more as I have no Idea where you are talking about."

 So she started, "I was lucky enough to have my daughter born the natural way. They usually have enough contact with what leaves our anus to set up their internal flora and strengthen their immune systems". And followed that up with, "If hubby has not licked my rose-but clean for a while I save some of my shit and ad that to his food, which he never complains about any more. But when He upsets me I show him that I wipe some shit of mine on his sandwich and watch him eat that. I showed our daughter what was necessary and since we were both healthy wiped about an eight of an inch on his bread together, afterwards watching him eat it."

 Than Beverley told us "Hubby knew, that it was what we believed was good for him we both let him fuck our backsides and cleaned his cock up with our mouths from each others experience. After that day my daughter and I occasionally tongue fucked each others rosebuds. That was before she married."

 Reading up on the benefits of receiving beneficial amounts of healthy intestinal flora on a regular basis I expected Willem to tongue fuck my anus on a regular basis. That was when he began to question our relationship. I was 38 at the time while Willem was just 29. I gave him an ultimatum either to leave my home, or you be trained to become a better husband, he chose the latter.

 Beverly thought it was a great Idea and organized a group of young female dominant UNI students for the training. So for 2 of the 3 weeks of the men's annual leave, these girls would demand their total submissive behavior. Both men were at my house when an 18 year old student came to pick the two up, who demanded that they first masturbated in front of us women, so she would feel safe to take the two in her car with her. Second that all that they were allowed to wear were a pair of old mac's for the uninformed the raincoats worn in the late forties early fifties. While their allowed bag contents were towels soap and a tooth brush no clothing allowed. Like naked lambs the two men were driving of as passengers in her VW.

 We received a film real every second day of their training, to both our surprise a toilet where their heads would fit nicely under their teachers backsides was in the first real, where both men were introduced to facial urine showers. With the threat to be used for a two hour stint of being used as a toilet for the twenty or more female students who were a group of the early feminist movement. Changing the perception of the religious culture of male dominance. Willem turned out to be twice punished in his first week to that task, having shit dropping on his face often followed by a golden shower before it was all washed away when they flushed. The first real in the second week showed both men eagerly cleaning arse after the girls had relieved themselves. While at the end Willem showed how well he was learning with his tongue going into the rosebud of one of the dominant young women.

 Both our husbands were trimmer on their return home, they must have lost quiet a bit of weight what both of them needed anyway. Making sure they were both like new husbands I watched Willem tongue fuck Beverley's rosebud until she was happy, while her man was watched fucking mine. It felt so good being penetrated with his tongue not stopping while I farted due to this first experience after training, rubbing my own clit into two orgasms before he was allowed to stop made the expense of the training course well worth the cost.

 The pity of it all is that now 48 years later it seems impossible to find classes to keep men in line, as if our path to equality has diminished so much it feels as if we are going backwards all over again.