Forced into slavery
Submitted By: applebottom2

~~"Ahhh...uhhh" Gracie Summers slowly   rubbed her head as her migraine pounded in the front part of her skull. She was disoriented and her head was spinning from the drugs.

 The last thing Gracie remembered was leaving her perfect suburban husband and daughter to do a little pampering for herself. At 24, Gracie lived an idyllic life. She met her husband when he moved in down the street from her parents' house in junior high. They married right out of college and had their first kid together within their first year of marriage.

 Slowly Gracie's vision started clearing but she quickly wished for the blurriness to return. As she gazed around, she realized that she was in a stone room that resembled a mid-1800s dungeon chamber. Her room contained a twin bed pushed against the wall with one night stand beside it. The only lights were candles placed in fixtures along the wall and one in a candle stick beside her bed. The only other piece of furniture was a heavy wooden chest at the other corner of the room.

 Gracie heard the creaking of a door down the corridor being opened and closed then the clinking of keys as the door was locked. Gracie quickly gathered her wit and prepared herself for the worst. Through the small square opening closed with steel bars, Gracie could see the the shadowy face of a man unlocking her door

 He was a young man no older than thirty years old with broad shoulders and a trim build. His hair was a deep earthly brown that complimented the darkness of his eyes.

 "Hello Gracie. I'm glad your awake. How's the headache?"

 "Ummm it hurts... Who are you? What do you want? Why are you doing this? Why am I here?"

 "So many questions! It really doesn't matter now does it. The only thing that matters is what is going to happen. The past is the past. You should only concern yourself with the future."

 Gracie felt her whole body tense and her stomach begin to churn as she saw his smile tilt up into a smirk. "Uhhh uhhh what is going to happen?"

 "Well first off I want you to know that this is your home now. There's no use remembering the things of the past. Your family is already grieving your death. We made sure to leave behind evidence to ensure they believed your suicide note. If you choose not to forget your past, there will be consequences...severe consequences. There is no way to escape this place. No one ever has. I built this place under the ground in the middle of nowhere. Even if you were to escape your now home you'd surely die in the wilderness finding your way back. Not to mention, the bandage on your right arm... Well we injected you with a tracking device that will alarm if you journey outside your perimeter."

 Gracie quickly fixed her eyes on her right forearm where a white bandage had been wrapped around her arm. Slowly pressing her left left fingers onto the bandage she felt the tenderness in her arm.

 "I don't understand. Why me? I'm just a simple wife and mother."

 "Gracie I've had my eyes on you ever since college. Your beautiful and I knew my collection would ever be complete without you. Now I'm tired of your incessant questions. I have arranged for several clothes in your size to be ordered. I hope they are to your liking. I want you comfortable and happy here. Your life can be very pleasant if you so choose. I'll leave you be for now and allow you to sleep off the drugs so you can think clearly. I want you to think about everything we have talked about and make a decision about what kind of life you will lead from now on. Will you accept my dominance or will you reject it?