Valentines day fun
Submitted By: ShadowInTheDark

~~The young very attractive barmaid was walking   toward where the woman was setting at the far end of the very crowded bar. The girl set a second glass of white wine next to the one she had ordered earlier; one still more than half full. "I didn't order another drink." The dark haired beauty said.

 The server, a beauty in her own right, was quite tall and slim with a dark tan and short dirty blonde hair. "No." She said. "You didn't."

 "So?" The customer said.

 The barmaid leaned over the bar placing her elbow either side to the woman's drinks as if it was necessary in order to be heard over the loud drone of the crowded bar. She hooked a finger beckoning the woman closer. The woman leaned forward. "See the guy in the gray Armani suit with wire glasses and a smile that must have cost twenty grand, far end of the bar?" she asked.

 "The wall-street success story?" she said.

 "Exactly." The barmaid replied. "I was trying to put a label on him and that's it. Very good." The girl said. "He said to bring you a drink and to tell you 'happy Valentines Day'."

 "Well?" The woman said.

 "Well what? The girl replied.

 "So tell me." The woman answered.

 "Huh?" The girl looked at the woman then she laughed. "Oh, yea sure, Happy Valentines Day."

 The barmaid turned and as she walked back down the bar the woman watched a truly magnificent ass sway in a pair to very tight jeans.

 It was fifteen minutes later when the woman felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned her head, the wire-rimed glasses and expensive smile greeted her. Happy hour was over and the bar was thinning. The stool to either side of her was vacant. The smile slid onto one of them. "You didn't respond to my sending a drink your way." He said.

 The woman looked back up the bar and watched as the barmaid untied her apron strings, slip it over her head and tossed it in a basket under the bar at the far end. She whispered something to another girl coming on duty and left through a door marked 'private' on the opposite side of the room. "Thanks." The woman said.

 'That's it?" He asked.

 The woman signaled the new girl and pointed to the man's drink glass and twirled her finger in the air to signal another. The new girl nodded. Within less than a minute the new girl was headed that way with a Manhattan for Mr. Wall Street.

 "Anything else for you Hun?" The girl asked as she set the drink in front of the man.

 The woman looked at the new girl who was shorter, about five-six and just as pretty with shoulder length brunette hair and very pronounced dimples when she smiled. She was smiling at her now.

 "That's it?" The man asked again.

 She looked at him. "Happy Valentines Day." She said.

 "That's it?" He asked.

 She looked back to the man again. "You want to get out of here?"

 "Great idea." He replied.

 "You bet it is." She said. "I have a room at the hotel next door. Number 1446. I'll leave first. You follow in say ten minutes." She tossed back her wine swallowing the last of it and stood. She was wearing a form fitting black dress that struck her five inches above the knee. She had dark hose and the hint of a black lace bra peaked from the dresses low neckline. She draped the long strap of a six inch square black leather purse over her shoulder and leaned in, letting her lips brush the man's ear. "Don't be late."

 When he stepped out of the hotel elevator on the fourteenth floor the cold steel of a Berretta 38 pressed against the bone behind his left ear. "Keep quiet and move." The woman said and pressed the gun forward as to indicate he was to walk forward. He did.

 When they reached room 1446 the woman slid her card into the slot and the door lock clicked and she pushed to door open.

 "What the hell is going on?" HE said.

 "I told you to shut up." She replied.

 "Fuck you." He said.

 "Isn't that what you had in mind?" She asked. "Well get you clothes off."

 "I think I'll just be going." He offered.

 "I think I'll just shoot you." She answered and pressed the barrel to the back of his head. "Now do what you're told."

 The man slid his suit coat off and the woman took it and tossed it on the floor against the wall. The Man started to object but she pushed the gun harder. A few minutes later the man stood completely nude. "Hands behind you." She said.

 He held his hands back toward her and he heard her fumbling in her purse then the sound of metal and then he felt the cold steel of handcuffs being closed around his wrists. She waved the gun in the direction of a tall backed desk chair and pointed. "Over there."

 When she pulled the chair out and turned it toward the center of the room she said set and he did. She knelt behind him and unlocked one side of the handcuffs, quickly laced it between the metal rails of the chair back and relocked them. He was now secured to the chair. She knelt down beside him and reached between his legs and lifted his flaccid cock. "You were not going to do much with this." She said. She dumped her purse onto the floor and two more pairs of handcuffs spilled out. Before he could object she had secured both ankles to opposite chair legs. He was now completely captive.

 She stood in front of the man and smiled at him as he only watched. She reached over her head and pulled the top of her dress up so she could reach the zipper. She lowered it. When she dropped her arms the dress slipped over her shoulders and she stepped out of it. She folded it neatly and laid it over the back of a corner chair. Standing with her back to him she slipped off a short half-slip and then unhooked her bra and let it slide off.

 When she walked back to in front of him she was wearing only lacy black panties and thigh-high hose. She was gorgeous and even in his trapped position the man was becoming aroused. He started to hope this was some sort of sex game she was playing.

 There was a knock at the door. The woman smiled at him and said. "Excuse me."

 She went over and opened the door and he could hear whispered voices, then the woman returned and set down on the end of the bed. He sensed movement and turned his head. It was the young girl from the bar. Now she was wearing a hoody and a pair of light blue terry cloth shorts with tennis shoes over thigh high cotton white socks.

 The barmaid walked over and stood in front of the man. After a few seconds she shook her head and smiled. She reached her hand back behind her toward the woman and the woman took her hand and pulled her back until the young girl settled next to her on the bed. The woman cupped the girls face in her hands and pulled her to her and their lips touched. They kissed each other softly for some time. No sound, no real movement, just lips gently touching lips. When they parted the young girl unzipped her hoody and pealed it off tossing it into a corner. She turner to the man and he could see she was wearing a black cropped tee. Her breasts were small but the tee was stretched across them. There was printing on her tee shirt. It read, 'Pussy, It's not just for breakfast anymore'.

 A few seconds later her tee was off, she was not wearing a bra and she was moving toward him. She held it out and pulled it over the top of his head. She turned it and folded it so only one word was visible, "Pussy".

 She sat back on the end of the bed and the woman knelt down in front of her and untied and removed her tennis shoes. When she stood back up she put her hands on the girls shoulders and pushed her back onto the bed. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and slid them over her hips. The young girl raised her ass helping the maneuver. The woman sat back on the bed and looked at the man. While she did, she slowing raised one leg at a time slipping the girls shorts over her feet. When she had the shorts in her hand she folded then into a ball and tossed them at the man, hitting him in the forehead.

 She looked back to the girl who was laying on the bed wearing nothing but blue cotton panties. "Take them off." The woman said. The girl hooked her thumbs into the panties and raised her hips and pealed them down to her thighs. She then drew her knees up and slipped them off her feet. She handed them to the woman.

 The woman stood and walked over to the man. She raised the panties to her nose and breathed in deeply and smiled. She picked up one of the man's shoes and hit him on his shin. The man let out a groan. She stuffed the panties into his mouth. He shook his head but the panties were lodged to tightly. She walked over to the bed and took the girl by the hands and pulled her to her feet. Then the woman crawled up on the bed and stretched out in the center, on her back with her head to the wall and her feet facing the man. "You first baby." She said.

 The young girl quickly moved to the side of the bed and hopped up onto the edge on her knees. The woman took one more look at the man who could not break his gaze at the two women. The young girl placed one leg over the woman and slipped backwards until she was on her knees straddling the woman and facing the man. She worked backwards a bit until her pussy was over the woman's face and as she smiled at the man she lowered herself onto the waiting tongue. She moaned as the woman slid her tongue into her sex. The woman placed her hands on the girl's hips and pulled her down onto her mouth.

 She worked her tongue rapidly onto the young girl and she could feel the girl rocking with arousal. She slid her right hand over the girls stomach and down between her legs. She found the girls clit and pressed her middle finger onto it and the girl cried out and her first orgasm hit her. The woman shoved her tongue into her and pressed her clit and the young girl rolled her ass in ecstasy crying out with pleasure. The woman ran her hands up the girl's back and pressed between her shoulders causing the girl to lay forward. That move opened the girl's vagina and allowed the woman to lap her in long slow strokes from her clit to her anus. The girl was vibrating in her extended orgasm.

 The woman felt the girl's hand seek out her clit and she began rubbing it. The woman reached for her hand and pulled it away. "Not now.' She said. "You just enjoy it. You'll get your turn soon enough." The woman went back to letting her tongue find the girl's clit, flick it a few times and then make that long slow stroke up the entire length of the vaginal lips and ending at her anus where she would let her tongue make circles around her tight ring. Over and over and the girl was raising and lowering her ass ever faster with each tongue pass.

 The young girl was moaning again and letting her ass slid along the woman's tongue and her breathing was becoming ragged. She started grunting every time the woman's tongue touched her clit. On the next pass, when the woman found the protruding, blood engorged clit she took hold if it with her lips and sucked it as far into her mouth as possible. The young girl began to shudder and let out soft cries of pleasure as her juices began to flow out of her pussy and over the woman's face. The woman sucked harder and the girl's body froze in an amazing climax. Her ass was vibrating on the woman's mouth and she was drenching her with her sex juice.

 When the girl could cum no more they lay quietly until their breathing returned to near Normal. The woman still had the girl's clit in her mouth and was still holding it captive. The girl was beginning to wiggle trying to pull free. The woman raised her hand and gave a sharp slap on the girl's ass. The girl laid her head on the woman's stomach and held still. The woman began to kiss the girl's pussy. Kissing her swollen lips, her clit, the inside of her legs and her ass crack. The young girl just moaned and lay still.

 The woman placed her hands on the backs of the girl's legs and pushed them wide apart. "Take them." She instructed. The girl didn't move. "Use your hands and pull your legs up." She said, and the girl placed her hands behind her knees and pulled. "More." The woman ordered.

 The girl groaned and tugged and it caused her back to arch and her ass to spread wide. The woman drew her hands up and patted the young girl's ass. "Very good." She said. Her hands took hold of both cheeks and using her thumbs, she spread the girl's ass wide.

 The woman raised her head and gathering a large amount of saliva in her mouth, placed her lips onto the girls anus and let the spit flow down her ass crack. She then used her tongue to gather it and spread it over the girl's asshole again. She did that a number of times and when she was ready she pressed her tongue onto the girls asshole. She held it there and pushed as hard as she could and the young girl tried to pull away. The woman held her tightly in place. In a short time the girl's asshole began to submit and her ring began to relax and the woman's tongue began to slide into the girl. As the woman wiggled her tongue the girl would respond and her ass would soften a bit more and the woman's tongue would invade her bowels a little farther.

 The young girl was moaning again and her breathing was labored and the woman's tongue was making long strokes into her now yielding asshole. The girl began to fuck herself onto the woman's tongue and the woman just shoved into the girl as far as possible and let the girl bring herself to her third orgasm in less than an hour.

 The young girl was humping the woman's mouth when the woman slid her right hand across the girl's stomach finding her clit once again and that pushed the girl over the cliff. She cried out and fucked onto the woman and her cunt yielded to the woman's fingers and she was flowing juice like a faucet once again. Her climax lased for long minutes, it was the most intense one she had ever had and she was only slightly sorry when it finally subsided.

 She wasn't sure how long it had been but she felt a soft pat on her ass cheek. "I need to get up." The woman said. The girl crawled to the far side of the bed and off of the woman. The woman climbed off of the bed and walked toward the bathroom. She stopped at the mad and looked down at an impressive erection. "Liked that did you?" she asked.

 The man just sat there. The woman swung her right hand and slapped the man across the face snapping his head back and making a sound so loud as to cause the young girl to raise up to see what was happening. The woman took a hand full of the hands hair in her hand and said. "I asked if you liked what you saw."

 "Yes" He said.

 "Did you really like it?" She said.

 "Yes." He said.

 The woman looked at the girl. "I have to get cleaned up. Why don't you come over here and give him a hand while I'm busy." The woman walked into the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the shower. Fifteen minutes later she emerged sweet and clean and with a towel wrapped around her waist. The young girl was on her knees in front of the man and she was slowly stroking his engorged cock. The man's head was laid back and he was breathing deeply.

 "What are you doing?" The woman asked.

 "You said for me to give him a hand." The girl said.

 The woman laughed. She knelt down next to the girl and kissed her deeply on the mouth. "Baby, you are truly something. I think he is about to stroke out. Have you been jacking him ever since I went in the bathroom?"

 "I always stop when he's ready to cum. When ever he calms down I do him some more." The girl said.

 She kissed the girl again. "I think it's time to stop teasing him." The woman stood up and took the girl's hand pulling her to her feet. "Time to tease me a bit." The woman led the girl to the bed. She placed herself in the middle of the bed on her back and motioned for the girl to join her. The young girl scrambled onto the bed eager to please the woman who had just given her three magnificent orgasms.

 The woman raised her knees and let her legs fall wide apart. She used her fingers to open her vaginal lips. "Make me cum." She was looking at the young girl and licking her lips.

 The girl knelt between the woman's legs and lowered her mouth to her abdomen and started kissing her all across her stomach and along her inner legs. She placed her hands under the woman's legs and raised them into the air and placed a kiss on her clit. The woman jerked and started to roll her ass. The girl licked her slit and sucked her clit. She slipped her right hand under the woman and let her thumb find her sex. When it had she slid it into her as deep as possible and sucked her clit into her mouth. The woman's ass was making circles on the girl's mouth and hand and she was grunting with every thrust of her thumb. The girl let her tongue join forces with her thumb and the two together drove the woman to new heights. She gasped and clinched her knees around the girl's head and started humping her mouth.

 The girl felt the first flow of her fluids seep from her cunt and into her waiting mouth. She began to lap the love syrup and the woman screamed on her way over the edge. The woman's legs locked onto the girl's head and she humped in rapid strokes all the while moaning and cuming on the girl's tongue. She held her head captive for nearly five minutes rolling her ass and feeling the last of her juices be lapped up by the girl.

 When her vaginal muscles finally stopped contracting on the girl's mouth she relaxed her legs and the freed head dropped to the bed exhausted. The woman wasted little time and, up on her knees, she rolled the limp girl onto her back causing her legs to fall over the end of the bed. The woman inched her way forward positioning her pussy over the girl's face. "Push out your tongue." She instructed and the young girl responded. "Farther." She said and the girl rolled her lips back and exposed as much tongue as possible. The woman scooted forward and reached her hands behind her spreading her ass cheeks.

 She smiled at the man as she lowered her asshole onto the girl's tongue. It retracted immediately upon tasting the woman's pungent rear. The woman rose up and placed the fingers of her right hand on the girl's face and patted her cheek. "You will do this for me baby. Let's see all of that beautiful tongue now" The young girl pushed out her tongue once again and she lowered herself back down on the girl and this time her tongue remained extended.

 The woman began you slide her ass back and forth on the girl's mouth. "Push out that tongue baby. That's my girl now fuck me with it. Oh, yes, baby shove it in me, taste me sweetie, taste me." The woman was working her hips on the girl's mouth and her hand had found the young girl's mound and three fingers were working the girl's cunt with vengeance.

 When she came this time she let all of her weight settle onto the girl's head nearly smothering her. She was sliding back and forth on her mouth and her cunt juice was bathing the girl's face. Her cunt lips were contracting and her ass ring gripped the girl's tongue as the girl wiggled it inside her bowels reaching for new depths.

 Eventually the woman rose off of the girl and slid backwards so her face was even with her lover's. She used the corner of the sheet to wipe the girl's face and then lowered her mouth and kissed her and pushed her tongue into her mouth and they made love with their lips.

 The woman looked up at the man and he was in serious pain. His erection was swollen to extreme size and he was sweating. His dick was throbbing from arousal. The woman got off of the bed and as she walked past the end she took the girl's hand and pulled her up to her feet. They walked over to the man and as she stood behind the girl, she placed her hands on her shoulders and pushed her onto her knees. She knelt beside the girl and reached for the man's cock. She stroked it slowly and with her right hand on the back of the young girl's head, she lowered her to the man's cock. She was smiling at him as the girl's mouth found his cock and it slipped between her lips.