Camping Story, part 6
Submitted By: jonmgee123

I awoke at sunrise. My captors were already   out of the tent. Knowing I couldn’t say anything I made some grunts and moans. I could hear outside the tent: “our toy must be awake. Go and bring him out Sophie”  Ms sophie entered and looked down at me and smiled, “its time to break camp and head home” She released me from my bindings and told me to get busy. Within an hour, camp was broken and the car packed. Mrs Jones said to Ms sophie: “you drive the sluts car and he can drive me. Well make one stop for breakfast and head directly home” Ms sophie took my car and drove away, leaving Mrs Jones and myself standing there. “you know your situation, its hopeless. But in case you have other ideas, remove all your clothes. You might be willing to put up with a little humiliation and try to escape when we stop but I doubt youll try anything naked and locked in chastity. Will you my pet?” I shock my head vigorously. I got in the drivers seat and we headed down the mountain. In the first town we came to Mrs Jones said “pull into the mcdonalds drive through. Order two big macs, two fries and two med sodas. Heres the money” as she took it from my wallet.  I slid as close to the door as possible so the clerk couldn’t see my nakedness from her window. I drove through and parked next to my car in the lots. Mrs Jones got out and went to talk to Ms sophie and I ate alone and contemplated my predicament. I concluded that there wasn’t a thing I could do. I had not choices or options. At this point I realized I was completely at their mercy. Strangely I was totally terrified and excited at the same time. “I assume they wont kill me so ill just have to see where this  leads”

Mrs Jones came back and said “drive. Ill tell you where to go” As we drove Mrs Jones moved closer to me and raked her red nails across my bare leg giving me chills. Closer and closer her fingers got to my caged cock. I could barely drive and my cock was straining at its confines. My breathing quickened!  “I see my pet likes this” she said. “well, if youre a good little boy maybe ill remove the cage someday and let my cock come out to play. You do know its mine now? Mine and sophies. She likes to play with it more than I do. I like to torture and tease it. She likes to see it get real hard and make it squirt.

I was beginning to feel pain and frustration when we pulled up to a iron gate. It opened as if by magic and I drove in. the same magic closed it behind me. I drove down the tree lined drive to a large 2 story house. As I pulled up to the door out stepped a woman/man in a maids outfit. “hello Mrs, hope you had a fine camping excursion? “ looking directly at me he/she said “I see you found some wildlife for your zoo, Maam” “yes Nickie, we found a great specimen. Take the bags in and meet us in the sitting room in 30 min.” “out. Get my door “ said Mrs Jones. I got out quickly and went around and opened her door and extended my hand to her. She got out and took hold of my lease and tugged me to follow her. She led me to a room upstairs. “this will be your room for now pet. There is a shower in there. I want you showered and completely shaved except your head and dressed in 30 min. there will be an outfit laid out for you when your done showering. Put it on and meet us in the sitting room in 30 min. understood?” I nodded my head yes and went into the bathroom.

Laid out on the vanity was shavers and neet. I shaved my face and as much of my body as I could and used the neet on the other parts. After a quick shower I was almost completely hairless. It was getting late and I hurried to the bed room to dress. On the bed was a pink matching set of bra, panties, and garter, White nylons and a tube of bright red lipstick. I hurriedly dressed and applied the lipstick as best I could. As I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe the transformation. I barely recognized myself. I turned and left the bed room and headed downstairs….to be continued