Camping story, part 3
Submitted By: jonmgee123


As I was contemplating   my predicament, I heard footsteps in the gravel. The flap was unzipped and Ms sophie was standing in the opening in the skimpiest bikini id ever seen. Her tanned body barely covered. In her hand was a jar. She stepped in and knelt beside me. “do you need to pee, boy?” I had completely forgotten about my bodily function. Now in my mind, I had to pee like a race horse! She took hold of my cock and began to caress it. I moaned and implored her to allow me to pee. She continued to caress it and spoke: “you see boy, mom and I completely control you. I can allow you to pee or not. I can make you cum or not, I can feed you or not. I can do anything I want with you and you have no say. Youre just a toy for mom and I to play with. You understand that don’t you?” all I could do was grunt and shake my head yes. “Do you want to pee, boy?” I nodded my head violently and grunted. “how bad do you want to pee?” she asked. I moaned loudly and kept nodding my head. She smiled broadly and put the jar to my cock. I opened the flood gates and almost filled the jar to the brim. “my. You did have to go didn’t you?” I could have kissed her for allowing me to pee!

“im going to remove the gag. There is no one around that will hear you. You will only speak when spoken to. Is that understood?” I nodded yes and pleaded to her with my eyes. She removed it and I was allowed to breath normally and relax my jaw.  “you see what happens when youre a good boy, good things happen to you.” “I have another treat for you. Im going to untie your legs”. She took out a blindfold and covered my eyes and undid the bindings on my legs but kept my arms tightly bound. She helped me stand up and step out of the tent. “you may feel somewhat free but being blindfolded you wouldn’t get far” I felt her put something around my neck, “this is your collar so you don’t get lost. And a leash to guide you with” I felt the tug and she said “come my pet, we need to go see what mom has instore for you today”

Here I was being led through the forest, naked, blindfolded and bound. I kept asking my self, “is this real? How did it happen? What is to happen?” then I realized, I hadn’t once thought of my reasons for escaping to the forest in the first place. When we reached Mrs Jones and Ms sophie’s campsite my leash was pulled, forcing me to kneel on the ground. “stand up” said Mrs Jones. I stood. I could hear her move to me. I felt her touch my chest. It was as if a bolt of lightening shot through me. I felt her hands touching me, my chest, my face, my ass, and lastly my cock. I couldn’t believe it was responding. I heard Ms sophie giggle and Mrs Jones laugh. “I guess our pet enjoys this, sophie” giggling, she said: “I think he does too. Look at him growing!” “sophie, go to his campsite and bring all of his stuff over here. Everything. Ill entertain him while you do that” as Ms sophie went away I could feel Mrs Jones grip tighten on my swollen cock. She leaned close to my ear and whispered “enjoy this, it may be the last time you get to feel it” with those words she began to stroke my cock. Soon I was moaning and shaking. “im going to cum Mrs Jones” I moaned. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my cock as her hand tightened and a hard slap to my face. “ didn’t Ms sophie tell you not to speak unless spoken to?” I nodded. “I was going to allow you to cum but not anymore. You need to learn to do as youre told!” with that she forced me back to my knees.

I could hear Ms sophie returning with my possessions. I felt the tug of the leash on my collar and rose to my feet. I felt the tug of the leash and followed in the direction I was pulled. Halted I felt my hands being released from behind me. I tired to move and stretch and both hands were pulled in opposite directions. Each wrist had a tie on it. I was pulled until I bumped into a tree. Each hand was pulled around until I was hugging the tree. Quickly I was retied with my skin and cock rubbing on the rough bark. I could hear the women talking: “sophie, start a camp fire. Burn the pets clothing. He wont be needing it.” And both laughed. “there are a lot of things he wont need” and both laughed again. To be continued..