Submitted By: jonmgee123

As I stumble through the forest to the light   from the camp fire my mind is is lost in thought about the woman ive jet to even met.  As I arrive and my eyes adjust to the light from the campfire, I see two women. The older one that ive talked to and a much younger one even more beautiful than the older one. “Hello ladies, Jon Mcgee from modesto.” Both rise and the older one makes the introductions: im Mrs Jones and this is Ms sophie, my daughter” we shake hands and settle around the campfire.  “I see you brought the tequila, good boy” I blush and hand it to Mrs Jones. She pours 3 shots and I notice mine is twice the size of theirs. “cheers” they both say and we down the tequila and its immediately refilled by Mrs Jones. Ms sophie giggles and says “yum” as she seductively licks her lips. We settle into sipping and telling each other about our selves. Soon they know my whole life story, especially the most recent happenings. The tequila has really lowered my reserve. Its still hard for me to make eye contact with these two beautiful women and I seem to be blushing a lot at some of the things they say. Mrs Jones is definitely the leader of the conversation  and Ms sophie seems to be watching me a lot.

“jon, get some more firewood and stoke the fire” again, another command, not a request. “yes Mrs Jones” even as I said it I felt she was in charge. I got an armful and put it on the fire. “good boy” she said with a knowing smile.  “isn’t he a good boy, sophie. Maybe we should keep him?” “yes! Lets do!” and both laughed..”another shot! “ and again Mrs Jones poured small shots for them and huge shot for me. The whole night became a blur after that. I do remember  Mrs Jones and Ms sophie walking me back to my camp and putting me in my tent. After that, nothing.

I awoke at first light to a terrible headache and a cloudy mind. Im in my sleeping back but cant seem to move. My hands are behind my back and I cant move my legs. I struggle to clear my mind and my arms and legs. My mind is a blank and I still cant move. I call out: “is anyone here? Mrs Jones, Ms sophie, anyone?” all I hear is the sounds of the forest.  I begin to think maybe I had a stroke or some sort of episode..i listen intently and hear the sound of voices. “Mrs Jones, Ms spohie?” I call out. “were coming, hold on” the flap of the tent opens and both women are standing in the light. “whats going on?” Mrs Jones asks. “I cant move. Can you help me?” theyre both smiling and Mrs Jones says “I think not. At least not yet” both enter the tent and sit on each side of my sleeping back. Ms sophie unzips the zipper and I feel a rush of chilly air as she flips the bag open. I look down and im totally naked, my arms behind my back and my legs bent. I try to struggle to no avail. “youre hogtied, completely helpless, and at our mercy.” I begin to protest and shout orders: “un do me! Let me out! Youre in big trouble!” they both smile and force a ball gag in my mouth. “now you listen to us! Weve decided to keep you. We want a “camp boy” to take care of us while were here. you will do as youre told, when your told. Understand?”I shook my head at tried to say “no, let me go!” without a word,  both ladies got up and left the tent and zipped up the flap.i could hear their voices fade as they went back to their campsite.  For a while I struggles but soon realized it was futile. I could not escape or even call for help. To be continued..