Camping, Part 1
Submitted By: jonmgee123

It had been a hell of a week. My divorce became   final the same day I was layed off from work. I moped around the house for a day trying to figure out what my next step would be. No woman, no job, no direction. After a good nights sleep I said “screw it” and decided id head to the mountains for a little introspection and rejuvenation.  I packed my tent, sleeping bag, camp stove and some food. On the way out I grabbed a bottle of tequila. Strictly medicinal, to help the healing process. Ive been a camper since I was a kid so I knew exactly where I was headed, a somewhat secluded camp ground right on the rivers edge. As I approached the mountains my mood started to change. I became more relaxed and positive. As the pines enveloped the road, I felt at peace.

I arrived to an empty campground so I had my choice of sites. I picked one right at rivers edge. There wasn’t a sound that wasn’t natural, birds chirping, squirrels chattering and the river flowing over the rocks. What a glorious place. I quickly set up my camp and was having a small shot of tequila. I had finally found the peace I had been missing for a long time. Lost in thought I vaguely heard a non natural sound, tires crunching on the gravel road. I looked up to see a car stop a couple camp sites from mine. The whole camp ground and  they had to pick that site. “oh well, it’s a free world” I thought and went back to my tequila and introspection.

I was roused by a feminine voice: “do you have an axe we could borrow?” I looked up to see a pretty, older woman in work boots, short cut off jeans and a flannel shirt tied up around her breasts. I was taken aback and mumbled “sure, ill get it” I was feeling shy from being interrupted and being in the presense of this older lovely woman. As I handed her the axe our eyes met and there was something in hers that made me look away first. Her directness and confidence made me feel intimidated. “thank you’ was all she said and turned away to go back to her camp. I watched intently as she retreated. Her tight short shorts  cupped her perfect ass cheeks. I was mesmerized. When she was gone I returned to my tequila and reverie. Lost in thought I could barely make out voices and activity from her camp site. It vaguely registered in my mind that she wasn’t alone…probably her husband and kids?

As the afternoon wore on I finally emerged from my reverie and decided I needed to eat. As I was cooking a pot of spaghetti I realized I was a little tipsy.  I thought: “what the hell, im not going anywhere” so I opened a bottle of chianti to go with my dinner. After a great dinner (food is always better in the mountains), a couple glasses of wine, and cleanup I sat back down and felt totally at peace for the first time in months. Again I was roused by the same feminine voice: “here is your axe. Thank you. It was really helpful.”  Again I felt as shy as a little boy. I rose and mumbled “your welcome” and again her direct gaze made me look away. When I looked back I noticed she had changed into very tight fitting jeans and a form fitting shirt. I even caught a whiff of her perfume in the clean mountain air. I could only stare. A smile came to her face. “would you like to join us for a camp fire and smores?” then it came to me that I hadn’t collected and firewood for the night. I said “thank you. Id love to” as she turned to go back, she looking over her shoulder with a twinkle in her eyes and pointed to the tequila bottle and said “bring that with you” and away she walked. It wasn’t “will you bring that with you or could you bring that with you.” It wasn’t a question, it was a command. To be continued