little red
Submitted By: Elektra

She knew the path through the woods was treacherous, little red  but fear of violating her curfew went beyond the fear of what might lay down the path between the thick forest trees. Without a second thought-her mind spinning from an encounter only moments before, she sprinted down the seemingly well-worn path, failing to notice the further she traveled the more the path dissipated.

Her blood boiling from the kisses and pets the stable boy in town had given her, taking any thought save one from her mind. Panting as she dashed through the trees, trying to outrun her desires, she failed to notice the pair of greenish-golden eyes watching her from a distance and a very distinct presents of raw power in the air.

A few minutes later her normally pale flesh was flushed and tiny beads of sweat dotted her brow and dampened her lush red locks as she finally realized she was no longer on the path she’d set out upon. Stopping to think and biting her full lower lip in a sensual manner as she pondered what to do; her right hand straying idly to her engorged and pulsing labia through her skirt. A soft whine came from her parted lips as she realized she had some very serious issues to deal with as the first droplet of rain splashed against her face. She had to get back and fast! Looking up and turning in a circle she tried to find the sun to guide her, but rain filled her eyes and then mixed with tears of frustration at being lost on top of the heat between her legs driving her mad.

His eyes narrowed as he watched her halt, her scent thick in his nostrils and bringing his cock to full mast without even a taste of her sweetness. Licking his lips as he stretched his lithe body, knowing just what he’d be having for dinner tonight. A smile playing upon his mouth at the flash of panic in her eyes as the deluge began; softly growling with primal hunger as she turned on her heels and took off deeper into the woods.

The priest at the abbey would no doubt beat her senseless for missing her chores, but try as she might her mind kept slipping to the hands of the boy that had groped her roughly in the empty stall of the stable. The rain drenching her as her thoughts wandered, mixing with the wetness against her inner thighs. Soon she found an abandoned barn, dilapidated but dry. Shivering she entered and looked around-her eyes finally coming to rest upon her own disheveled form. Her white top and chemise was soaked-nipples rock hard and rubbing against the rough fibers. Her boots covered with mud along with the pale flesh of her legs. Her skirt was ripped up the hem from catching on a branch at some point and her book bag was ruined. All of these things she knew she’d pay for in blood and with that thought combined with all the other frustration she felt, she sunk to a pile of straw and cried.

Soon after, she stopped her sniffles as she realized there was no way to escape the trouble she was in so she bit her lip as she moved her hand to her still throbbing mound. Soon a soft cry broke over the rain as she worked herself to climax and her girl cum slid from her slick fingers and down her already sticky thighs.

Unable to control himself any longer, the Wolf willed himself to a more acceptable form and appeared to her in leather breeches & boots in the partial door of the barn. Her eyes went wide as she saw him and he smelled the fear mingled with her excitement in the air as she gasped.

A low growl reached her ears as he began to circle her. “Little girls shouldn’t wander the woods alone. Didn’t anyone tell you that at the church?” His voice rough as he speaks between clenched teeth. Teetering between man and beast-every fiber of his being pushing him forward to take this sweet morsel and devour it. She is in heat and all he wants is to rut and feed.

Moving closer with the grace of a truly primal beast, he comes close enough to touch her and all at once, the reluctant smile upon his lips is replaced with a howl of rage as she bursts up and hits him full force in the face before bolting like a scared fawn back out into the rain. Snarling he pivots & takes off after her, though something shifting slightly within him as he never saw that coming. Finally chuckling softly as he easily tracks her, he realizes she is the first to get in a hit in many years.

Terror mixed with pure lust as she recognizes on every level just how dangerous the man chasing her is. His animal eyes, full sensual lips and strong, well muscled form causing her mind to shout ‘RUN’ and her body to submit. Knowing that the stories of old about people going missing in the woods are now true, she feels a burst of adrenalin and speeds ahead, not knowing where she is going.

Licking at the thin trail of blood from his lip he finds himself more turned on than ever before. Every beat of her pounding heart loud in his ears as he plays with her, forcing her back to the barn without her knowledge; his verbal taunts driving her insane with fear and lust.

Screaming as she reaches the barn again and realizes what he’s done. She turns, angry and prepares to face him. Knowing that she will most likely die-yet knowing she will die fighting. Sheer will and determination rising up within her as she pulls up her fists and her jade pools level, finding the most beautiful creature she’s laid eyes on filling her vision. Scared, her voice sharp as she yells “You bastard! Why are you toying with me like this? I know you’re going to kill me, but have the decency to fight and not run me till there would be no fight at all!”

His laugh fills the forest with a low rumble of amusement. “Girl, if I wished to kill you-you’d be dead all ready. No. What I wish is to taste you fully first in other ways; perhaps then, once I’ve have had my fill of you in that manner you shall grace my dinner plate.” He couldn’t help but smile as he watched her visibly pale further, a feat he didn’t think was possible as her flesh was practically translucent all ready.

Amused at her tenacity as she charges him-feeling her body slam into his with the force of a large dog and knocking him back a few feet makes him laugh again. Easily twisting her into his powerful grip and putting her on her knees at his feet-her thick red curls twisted tightly in his left hand and his right hand slapping her hard enough to rock her head back even though he was holding it steady. Watching closely as she blinks hard to clear her vision and amazed to see her pupils dilate further in heat.

A deep growl escapes his throat as he drags her into the barn once more, throwing her onto the pile of straw in the corner; his hands easily ripping her clothes from her body as she screams. Hissing as she continues to fight and he finds his hand clamped to her throat and watching the air supply diminish as his other hand work the ties of his breeches.

Leaning down and covering her with his body he whispers in her ear “This can be amazingly painful for you or you can take pleasure. Either way I’m mounting you-I give you the choice.”

Her body shaking violently as she struggles to grasp a breath to fill her lungs. Eyes wide in such a state of fear and lust that she can’t speak; he has totally pushed her to the most primal state she could possibly find and her own howl fills the air as he enters her for the first time. Her body spreading beneath him as if she had been custom crafted for his pleasure alone.

The feeling as he penetrates her with his thickness is near indescribable. Her body writhes roughly against him with no prompting and the noises from her lips are like heaven. Her hands grasping at him everywhere as she surrenders totally to him and the raw heat radiating from her gives him hope that he could take her further than any other human has been. The smell of her, the taste of her flesh pushing him to a point in time and space that he can longer control himself and he feels the change begin.

Realizing too late that he doesn’t wish to harm the little one giving him such pleasure he cries out and tries to disengage from her, but her legs snake around his waist and refuse to release. Shaking his head ‘no’ as he snarls, unable to speak as the shift continues. Choking out something close to a bark he feels his girth thicken and the knot begin to grow.

Howling as he knows he can’t stop the process, he thrusts forward with all his might and buries his entire shaft, including the huge knot within her painfully tight walls. Her screams bringing pain to his heart, but unable to stop the bucking of his hips as the beast takes over and the only goal is to fill this bitch with his seed.

Pounding into her with the speed and force of a feral beast he feels his seed fill his sack, making it so heavy and aching with the amount of cum that he will release into the girl with beautiful jade eyes. His maw opening wide, he takes her throat into his mouth-sharp teeth poised to rip out her throat at the moment of release. As the orgasm mounts something tickles at his mind-something new and important; yet far enough away he can’t capture it. His frustration pushed aside as the wave crests and he feels the tightness start in his balls.

Releasing her throat, shaking his furry head back and forth as wave after wave fill him with the most intense orgasm he has ever felt; his howls and growling loud as he realize they’re mixing with her own. Spilling a huge amount of cum into her unbelievably hot cunt he sees, smells and feels her own orgasm so powerful it could rival his own.

Finally collapsing upon her well-used, sweat-covered body panting as his cock continues to jump and finally squirt its last into her thick, wet walls. Tears fill his eyes as she smiles softly up at him and scratches behind his ear, waiting for the knot to go down so he can remove himself from her. Soon after that, she passes out cold.

Pulling himself together, cleaning himself and her with his long tongue. The taste of her mixed with his essence incredible; he realized that he hadn’t killed her as per the norm and again another tear slips from his eyes as he realizes he’s found a human mate.

Dressing her in the remains of tattered clothing and carrying her unmoving body to the abbey, knowing she must be suffering from shock and that they would be able to help her more than he ever could he places her gently on the steps and knocks. Waiting until he hears the footsteps in the night before disappearing-giving his promise to return for her once she is well.

The priest, upon finding her on the steps slaps her several times until her bruised body is conscious and then drags her, crying inside. “You whore! You will pay for this affront to god!”

Sobbing as she realizes where she is, she begs forgiveness from him but to no avail. He ties her to a whipping post and whips her until she looses consciousness once more. Working her so hard with the whip she can’t possibly fight.

With a crude laugh he cuts her down, bends her over a barrel and inspects her closely. Snarling as he sees she has clearly been used vaginally he grabs a fist full of her hair and shoves his raging hard-on into her ass without anything more than his spit to lube her.

Painful screams fill the night air as her beaten and battered body is used yet again. His thrusts deep and unforgiving until she passes out and he fills her full of cum of his own.

With a final backhand he knocks her off the barrel to the hard stone floor and then drags her struggling body to the stable, tying her up in a stall and leaves her there for the night. “If you’re going to act like a beast, you’ll learn to be treated like one.”

Falling against the soft hay fills her sore and pained body with so many delicious memories she begins to masturbate and cums hard with another unhindered howl for all to hear.

Of course, when the Wolf came back for her several days later and found her in the stable beaten and kept like a beast, he killed the priest in a deliciously painful way before rescuing the love of his life and the mother to his pups.