A Night in the Dungeon
Submitted By: DarkstMyst

Memoirs   of a Bedroom Submissive – A Night in the Dungeon

Tonight was the night. She was nervously pulling on the stockings that her Sir had requested she wear, her long legs encased in fine black spandex with lace tops, bows accentuating the backs for a bit of whimsy. She secured them at her thighs with the garters that hung down from her under bust waist cincher before drawing them taut, her mind swimming with all of her thoughts. She was preparing to meet him at the nearby fetish dungeon that he had rented out for the entire evening. Any and all equipment he desired to use would be there and she knew he would also bring his own personal collection of toys. He had promised that if she pleased him, she would be rewarded with an evening at her favorite restaurant and would be presented a gift that he had been waiting to give her for quite a while.

She rose up from the bed to wander into the bathroom, her eyes glancing to the clock that hung on her wall. She had to be out the door in thirty minutes. She wanted to look perfect. Her trembling hand soon grabbed at her eyeliner, causing her to have to take a few breaths and calm herself before applying it as well as her smoky eye shadow, lest she be left with a smudged mess. She knew that he would push her tonight. She had no idea what he had in store, but her mind could imagine an awful lot; maybe too much! Perhaps that was why she was filled with such anticipation…and dread. She stood there in front of the mirror, sans panties and bra, looking herself over with a scrutinizing eye. She tousled her long locks a few times with her fingertips before adding the final touch, a bright crimson lipstick to paint her mouth. She would’ve been hard pressed to deny that she looked good, though she had always been modest about her appearance.

She smiled as she spritzed on a dash of sweet smelling perfume before side stepping into her shiny black heels that rested on the floor beside her. She was ready to go, walking with a quiet click-clack through the house to retrieve her long black peacoat from the closet. She drew the wool fabric snuggly around her frame, tying it closed around her waist before grabbing up her purse and keys from the table. It was exhilarating to know that she was mostly nude; it made her feel more submissive and more vulnerable. Her first steps out into the brisk evening air made her gasp. She wasn’t sure how the wind could crawl up her jacket so easily, practically slapping at her exposed pussy which was, despite herself, already starting to grow wet. She hurriedly went to her car, climbing inside to start it up so that she could get the heat running and warm her chilled flesh.

As she was driving, she thought about her Sir. Her thoughts were running through some of the things he had done to her in the past. Things that left her wonton and needy and yet brought her to the very edge of her limits. Tonight was sure to be one of those nights. The address to the dungeon brought her to an isolated business district; a warehouse, to be more exact. A place where noise was not a problem and their presence would not be noticed. She pulled up and parked the car, noticing her Sir’s own vehicle out front. He was already there as she knew he would be, probably preparing the space for their encounter. She had been to the place before and knew that it was a tidy, well put together dungeon with crosses, benches, tables, and other equipment that never had to be broken down. She placed the car in park, its alarm giving a little chirp as she hit the button and headed for the door. She drew in a long breath before entering the place, moving through the deserted office area to the dungeon entrance.

Once inside, she was greeted by the sight of her Sir lounging comfortably in a nearby armchair, his legs crossed while his fist propped up his head. He smiled as she appeared, his posture shifting as he beckoned her closer. She obeyed, walking over to him and pausing a few paces before reaching him, a smile moving over her own lips even as she attempted to look serious. He gave her a once over before making a motion to her coat and its closure. He needed no words; she knew what he wanted her to do. Carefully, she reached down, undoing the tie at her waist before shifting her arms back and allowing the coat to slip from her shoulders, her hands dropping it to the floor behind her feet. She could feel his gaze as it moved over her, and despite being appreciative of her looks, his face remained an unreadable mask. He made one more motion with his hand, towards the floor, causing her to slowly lower down to her knees before him, her eyes glancing downwards and now refusing to meet his own.

He was left reaching out, grasping at her hair gently before he drew her in closer. She was gratefully bending at the waist, her face resting near his crotch as his grip loosened, moving now to stroke over her head as he finally spoke. “You look lovely, my dear. I’m pleased.”

Her response was soft yet grateful, her eyes closing briefly as she basked in the sensation of his touch, seemingly bathed in his praise. “Thank you, Sir…I’m glad I have pleased you.”

His hand never paused in its motions, brushing back her hair while he continued. “I have a lot planned for you, tonight…though I want you to know one thing.”

She blinked, slowly peering up at him with a questioning look, her eyes creasing. “Sir?”

His face now turned serious, his fist closing in her locks as if to drive his point home. “You will not have a safe word tonight. You will do your best to accept all that I give you. You may scream, you may cry, you may beg….but what I decide goes.”

She could feel a lump begin to rise in her throat, her fear spiking inside of her. She trusted him completely and had often said she might want to try playing without a safe word, but she was unsure that she could handle it. The very thought intrigued her yet terrified her to her core. Her mouth was suddenly dry and despite herself, she let out a whimper.

“Do you understand?” He spoke to her firmly, drawing her head backwards a bit further now.

“Y-yes Sir, I understand…” She stammered softly, trying to mentally prepare herself for what would occur.

Once she confirmed for him her understanding of the situation, he released her hair, giving her one final stroke on her scalp before responding. “Good girl. Now, stand up.”

She nodded, slowly moving back from his lap and rising up, giving him room so that he could stand also. As he did, he placed his hand in the small of her back and lightly led her over to a cross, pressing her up against it. Cuffs already dangled from the O rings in the corners and he drew up one of her wrists to secure it before doing the same to her other one. She was familiar with this position and what he was going to do, though what he might choose to hit her with was at his discretion. She simply tried to brace herself, knowing that she would not be allowed to get out of it with a simple word.

He didn’t immediately grab any implement; he simply moved up behind her, pressing his body against her own lightly before his hand began to collide with her ass, rhythmically slapping at her cheeks and causing her to squirm. The sting kept on building to the point where she was crying out softly, her cheeks beginning to glow red from his treatment. He was smiling, watching as he made her dance and all she could do was grin and bear it.

“We’re going to warm that ass up until you beg me to inspect you, slut…” He whispered into her ear softly while he continued to build the feeling of sting in her behind.

Her face immediately began to turn red at his words, her head dropping forward as she grit her teeth. Soon enough, he was stopping with his hand and wandering over to a small hanging stand where all of his floggers were neatly arranged. He reached for one made out of a smooth bull hide and stepped back, beginning to crisscross a pattern along her upper back and butt. Slowly, the heat began to build, though her tolerance to the pain did as well. His blows were percussive, building in intensity until she was turning her hips in an attempt to shield her body from him, albeit unsuccessfully. She was whining as he continued, begging him urgently.

“Please Sir, give me a break!” She wiggled, biting at her lower lip as her wrists rattled the restraints against the lacquered wood cross.

“Okay.” He chuckled as he stopped, replacing the flogger on the stand before switching it out for a cane.

Her eyes went wide when she saw what he had grabbed, and she quickly shook her head. “Nonono! Please not that, Sir!” She was trying to turn away, twisting and lifting her legs one by one, but his boot found her rear and pushed it into place.

“You asked for a break. I’m giving you a break from that flogger. It’s what you wanted.” He spoke the words almost merrily as he began to tap her ass with the rattan cane, not yet giving her a truly heavy blow.

She hated the cane, shaking and wiggling as she grunted with even the soft tapping that he gave her. “Please Sir, please!”

“Are you ready to beg to be inspected already, slut?” He drew the cane back before landing a sharp blow, leaving her ass with a pretty stripe straight across it.

She was squealing loudly from the hit, dropping downwards a bit as her knees bent, the pain moving through her. “Yes, yes Sir! Please inspect me!”

“I’m not sure you want to be inspected yet, slut…” He drew back and landed a second blow, once more striping her ass with a pretty red welt.

She was crying out again, whining and begging again. “Yes I am, Sir! Please inspect me, Sir!”

He looked thoughtful before setting down the flogger and instead grabbing a large wooden paddle. “I will inspect you after you take five hits.”

“Five?! Please no, Sir! I can’t take five!” She was protesting, already dreading feeling the paddle on her ass.

“You complain too much…” He didn’t even give her a chance to reply before he was using the paddle to harshly smack her right butt cheek, no doubt leaving her reeling.

She sucked in a sharp breath, shuddering and whimpering out a quiet and pathetic little apology. “I’m sorry, Sir…”

He smirked and dealt out the second blow, though his brow was rising slowly. “I didn’t hear you count those two, slut…”

She gasped and quickly called out, “Two Sir, I didn’t know you wanted me to count!”

“No no, now we need to start over…” He mused.

“Please Sir, no! That was two, please! You said only five!” She tried to reason with him.

“Alright, we will call that last one number one. Count it.” He spoke matter-of-factly.

She was dejected, but she conceded, speaking softly. “One, Sir.”

“Good girl.” He responded, going back and forth between her cheeks, hitting each one with rather heavy handed blows to make sure she felt them. He was listening very carefully for her counting, hoping she would mess it up, but unfortunately for him, she kept it together.

“Five, Sir!” She had nearly screamed out the words, panting and whimpering, her ass feeling as though it was on fire. She wasn’t sure if she could’ve handled any more, but she was smart enough to speak again quietly. “Please Sir…I’m ready to be inspected now…”

He laughed lightly, setting the paddle down before reaching up to unhook her cuffs from the rings above. He silently began to lead her over to an examination table before ordering her to lie down on it on her back. She was clearly nervous, not sure exactly what he hand it mind as she gingerly set her rear down and rested back against the padded surface. He took her still cuffed wrists, attaching them to the sides of the table at about face level before he moved to the end of the table where her legs dangled down off of the sides. He got a positively evil look on his face before he opened up and unfolded the stirrups from the sides of the table. “Put your legs up here…” He ordered.

She was whimpering softly as she lifted her legs, resting her knees in the J shaped holders. He was soon strapping her calves down tightly to the stirrups before opening them up wider, spreading her legs and exposing her pussy. She was already starting to blush, quivering and almost horrified at the fact that it seemed as though there was nothing that she could keep secret. He had walked away for a few moments, leaving her to stew as she remained spread. When he returned, she could see he was holding a shiny metallic object. She gasped when she realized what it was, her face suddenly becoming extremely hot. The blades of the speculum glinted in the light and he held it near her face momentarily while he spoke in a deep, husky voice. “Now I’m going to take a good, deep look inside of you…”

She was whimpering softly as he lowered down, drawing up a small chair and sitting upon it. She knew that his eyes were staring at her slit, which was confirmed soon after by the feel of his fingers spreading her folds. “You are dripping wet, slut…already have a sloppy little cunt…” He grinned as he glanced up at her.

She was thoroughly humiliated as the pads of his fingers began to gather her wetness upon them, slowly smearing it up and over her sensitive clit. It made her want to moan, but she bit it back, merely letting out a soft sigh. Soon enough, his fingers were beginning to press at her entrance before plunging inside of her rudely, making her give a little cry of surprise! He pumped his fingers back and forth before withdrawing them, his flesh glistening with her arousal.

“Dirty whore…” He chided her before reaching up to smear her own juices on her face, causing her nose to wrinkle and for her to whine loudly. Her noises and reaction only served to amuse him, though he proceeded to take the blades of the speculum and carefully insert them into her walls. Once in place, he began to turn the screw that would open them up. She could feel her muscles stretch, her little tunnel seemingly stubborn to open! Slowly but surely, they forced her pussy to gape, his eyes now able to see inside of her body.

“There we go…” He smiled, standing back to admire her opened up completely for him. “Look at you… already leaking out of your little fuck hole…” It was true; her arousal was beginning to trickle out of her body, betraying how turned on she was. “I think you need something in your asshole too, don’t you?”

She looked over at him, pouting and giving a slight shake of her head. “Sir…” Her voice was slightly pleading.

“Yes, yes I think so…” He was ignoring her plea, instead reaching under the table to grab a plug and a tube of lube. He began to smear the lube along the shaft of the plug before pressing the tip against her asshole, beginning to urge it forward softly. He was enjoying the site of her little pucker blooming open around the slick black surface, a definite tightness beginning to grow in his pants.

Meanwhile, she was shuddering, trying to relax as he began to press the plug inside of her. It was a feeling that made her feel overly full; her cunt stretched out while her ass was being filled. She felt the sharp stab of pain as her anus was stretched to its maximum point, causing her to gasp and shout. Finally, she felt her body able to close up around the smaller stem of the plug. Her Sir was smiling, giving her left thigh a little pat while he admired her body, spread and also plugged. It was arousing to him that he could almost see the outline of the toy pressing at the thin wall separating her ass and her pussy.

Slowly he stepped around to the side of her, peering down at her as he reached out to brush his fingertips along her cheek almost tenderly. He was soon sighing, admiring the way her eyes peered up at him, pleading him silently. His arm dropped casually, hand dipping into his pocket to retrieve his favorite knife. With a quick flick of his thumb, it opened with a harsh click, the newly sharpened blade gleaming in the dim light. His movements were practiced, his skilled fingers beginning to trail the tip along her flesh, dragging and teasing along her most sensitive areas. It grazed at her neck, her breasts and nipples, trailing down along her tummy and prodding softly at her thighs. He mused as he worked, his voice low. “One little slip…and I could slice right through your skin…”

His words made her suck in a breath, her frame perfectly still while he worked, lest she throw him off. She trusted him, though when the thumb and forefinger of his left hand grabbed at her nipple, drawing it taut while his working hand placed the edge of the blade against the sensitive bud, she couldn’t help but squeal! It was all a tease, of course, and he was releasing her with an amused chuckle shortly after. “How about a little electricity, slut?” His question was more of a statement, as if he had already made up his mind about it.

She let out a quiet whimper of “protest.” Truly, she didn’t mind the violet wand, though it could definitely make her squirm if turned up high enough! She watched quietly as he wandered to the side of the room and began to open up his case containing his glass attachments, foot pedal, and grounding stick. It was about that time that she was becoming vaguely aware of the dull ache in her poor, stretched out pussy. Her body desperately wanted to relax, though it could not close with that rude apparatus forcing her apart! When he returned to her, firing up the wand which made the rake-like attachment glow orange, she begged him quietly. “Please Sir…please take the speculum out…please!”

He laughed quietly, reaching his hand down to dip his finger inside of her gaped cunt, gathering a bit of her moisture on his fingertip before lifting it to her mouth for cleaning! As she reluctantly licked at his offered finger, he taunted her. “Aww, does the little whore’s pussy hurt? Don’t worry…I’ll take it out…but not until I am done teasing you with the wand.”

She let out a sigh at his response, though all she could do was try to ignore the sensation while he began to torment her with a new one! That rake toyed with her body, giving out a series of small static shocks to make her wiggle and squirm. By the end, she was squirming about awkwardly, surprised each time he brought the wand down on a new piece of flesh! It seemed for a moment as if he was really going to take his time, dragging the rake over her nipples before a delightfully sadistic grin curled his mouth. Ever so slowly, he began to lower the implement closer and closer to her pussy. Her eyes went wide as she realized what he intended to do, her legs and arms rattling at her restraints. The shocks that he gave her were inching towards that speculum, playing at the edges of her labia and making her more and more tense as she cried out merely from the stress of it all! Finally, he pulled away, leaving her sighing with relief. He was being nice. Carefully, he worked on loosening the screw that kept the blades of the speculum open before withdrawing it, giving her body a chance to relax.

“Thank you, Sir…” Even with her ass still plugged, she was much more comfortable now, though he was hardly intending to let her relax! With the violet wand unplugged, he could plug in the Hitachi instead, which made her bite her lower lip. She knew what was coming, and he clicked it on the lowest setting before placing it on her clit.

“I want to watch you cum like a filthy whore. Come on slut, cum for me…” He teased at her, watching as her body quivered with pleasure.

“Oh God….I’m trying Sir, I’m trying!” She rocked her hips towards the sensation, her muscles tense.

“I said cum, slut!” He reached over with his free hand and began to slap her on her cheek, all the while repeating himself. “Come on! Let’s go, slut!”

She grunted as his blows rained down on her face, though they triggered something in her that she couldn’t hold back. She was soon screaming as her orgasm swept over her, her muscles clenching, back arching as her arousal leaked out of her and dribbled down the crack of her ass.

“Are you cumming? Are you cumming while being slapped in the face you filthy fucking whore?!” His words sounded accusatory.

“Yesssss Sir!!!” She was moaning, turning her head as she finally came down from her high, beginning to twitch as he finally took away the vibrator. She panted, her hair slightly damp from sweat, her eyes peering up at him.

“Was that good?” He asked her.

“Mmhmm..” She responded quietly. “Thank you Sir.”

His only response was to lean down and lightly kiss her on the lips, though with the Hitachi set aside he could reach for something new. “I’m glad. Now you are going to be good and get me off.” He was grabbing at a large O-ring gag, leaning over her as he spoke. “Open your mouth.”

She hated the ring gag but she reluctantly complied. Once her mouth was open, the gag was being placed behind her teeth and tied tightly around the back of her head, leaving her unable to swallow and her tongue moving about in her mouth strangely. She stared at his hands as they reached down to the fly of his pants, opening them up and withdrawing his cock, already hard from arousal. His fist pumped at his shaft a few times before he scooted his body up next to the table, his hand grasping her hair and turning her head to face him. It was a strain on her neck, but he hardly seemed to care as he jabbed his length into her mouth. His hips began to thrust forward, the head of his dick banging against her throat, causing her to gag. Each time she did, more and more saliva was conjured up, glistening upon his dick.

Soon enough, her drool was running down her chin, and he was quick to use the head of his cock to smear it about, running the head of his dick along her lips and slapping her cheek with her own filth, taunting her along the way. “Do you like that cock down your throat? You must be hungry for it; look at how much you are drooling.”

The only thing she could do was let out a very undignified whimper, though when she did it sounded as if she were gargling on water! Tears soon began to trickle down her cheeks, carrying her mascara with them and leaving black lines upon her skin. It didn’t take him long, however, to begin getting close. At the very last minute, he pulled his dick out of her mouth and aimed it at her breasts, his own groan coming out loudly as he came, thick ropes of his semen painting her tits lewdly. He breathed in a few slow breaths, seemingly satisfied for the time being.

“I think you can stay here for a while until I decide to play with you some more.” He turned, shoving his cock back into his pants and smiling. “Be a good whore and wait.”

“She stared as he began to walk over to the other side of the room and settle down on the couch there, grabbing up his tablet and beginning to browse the web. She knew then that the night was not over and she still had much more in store for her!

To be continued…