Four Letters
Submitted By: MistressKota

Oh, this is silly. I don't wanna be straight-forward. Four Letters  I don't even want to admit that feeling I have towards you, that feeling they call "miss." But something, well, they seem to be many, is driving me to places I shouldn't go. Alright, this something is basically you.

I don't actually feel like writing a blog entry. I wanna write a story. Of two persons, both with four-letter-word names, being pulled closer at both ends of the word "and." And how their numerous conversations temporarily but repeatedly end up with "I'll miss you."

Aside from their names, he and she know parcels of each other's past, present, and future. Embarrassing moments. Favorite places. Unique information. And preferences. Yes, they both know. They both agree that he and she are highly preferred by she and he despite the thread that keeps the kite from running away with the wind.

The two persons met in the clouds of uncertainty and of--some say--unworthy of trust, with flying letters interpreted mutually. But each person got to know the other deeply through things they'd rather not name, for if they do, oh, what will just happen if they do? Bliss? one knows. She don't want to answer.

There is something in the wind that the kite loves which cannot be found in the boy who let her fly. Oh, this boy is a rare find. He loves his kite so much he'd embellish it with all the glory in the world and let it soar up, up in the sky, as he guide her--or not. He is manipulating her. Maneuvering. Controlling. Those words sound so negative the kite shivers with fear when she, at times, look at him from above.

The kite loves it whenever the boy brings her out to the atmosphere of freedom. But freedom always has limitations. The string that connects them evolves from time to time. And the longer they are connected, the more frequent the kite asks herself why they are or have to be together. Is she free? What's the purpose of kite-flying? Question marks grew from the ground and the sky.

And the wind. It was overwhelmingly disgusting at first. But soon she felt belongingness. Here is a nonhuman creature she haven't seen yet but touches her as if it was made for her and vice versa.

Among the clouds where things that fly don't know or see where to set their feet and just glide and glide, the wind and kite danced. Both of them, together with the boy, always wait for kite-flying time. It was a moment of merriment, but for what reasons the three know and keep in themselves.

Until now, two creatures dance from time to time, in the air, to the music of the four-letter-word they are yet to interpret--mutually. ##