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little red

She knew the path through the woods was treacherous, but fear of violating her curfew went beyond the fear of what might lay down the path between the thick forest trees. Without a second thought-her mind spinning from an encounter only moments before, she sprinted down the seemingly well-worn path, …[more]

I see a red door PT 2

She was insatiable, and he was getting sore, both from being penetrated and from being massaged to orgasm, but he was unable to complain. Neil had become accustomed to the penis gag filling his mouth as it had for the past two hours. Yes, he still tried to scream when he came, but the resulting mute …[more]

I see a red door

She paced slowly, methodically, back and forth like a tigress behind bars in a too-small cage. She smoked, and he hated that, but it looked right at the moment, the smoke curling from her ruby lips, sifting through her raven black hair, like flour through a sieve. She loved black it seemed, as he ha …[more]

Blue Balls. A love story

Amber Wolcott wasn't your typical cheerleader, which didn't mean she wasn't pretty. No, Amber was a beautiful girl, but not in the way you might expect a cheerleader to be. She wasn't tall, slender, or blond. She didn't hang with the popular crowd. She didn't hang with any particular crowd for that …[more]

Poor john

John lay on the bed in the narrow alcove, whimpering, his hands bound over his head and his legs bound high in the air to either wall so they were splayed apart. The insides of his thighs were covered with bruises and welts. Sy, the young woman who had bound and whipped him, stood naked at the foot …[more]


She tightened the straps around his wrists and ankles, ignoring his protests as his arms were stretched up towards the top corners of the bed and his legs were forced uncomfortably far apart.  "You wanted it," she told him sharply, "Now shut up and enjoy it."  She consulted the notes she had …[more]

Training My boy to suck cock

When I was a  college coed I loved  sex with both girls and guys. . My girlfriend and lover Claire was a sexy buxom blond who is my roommate and 69 partner. We both take turns as butch and love fucking each others pussy and ass with a healthy strap-on dildo. We both have boyfriends who are so h …[more]