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Inferior Women

Ah the ebbs and flows of BDSM. It truly is something. I love sitting up on My high horse while I view everyone from below Me that wants to please Me so. What I don't understand or tolerate in My world is when someone steps over their boundaries and attempts to break the rules that we, as a community …[more]

Bad domme slave

My bad domme slave thinks she can get away. She's a little brat and needs punishing. She was collared for stealing numerous slaves from other dommes. She's quite the handful, but I have her. …[more]

Broken Toys Can Be Fixed

Mike sat near the water fountain at the mall with his head hung low. He was mourning the recent loss of his girlfriend, of whom he caught cheating. He thought to himself how could he possibly be so naive. She took his money and probably spent it on other guys. She had sex with other guys. Why couldn …[more]


I just discovered your profile, upon ALT.COM. Thank YOU !!! Ladies like you are so inspiring, that I had to Thank You !! I don't even know what else to say... Respectfully, MEANWHILE, I AM WRONGFULLY BLACKLISTED, UPON COLLARSPACE; FOR WHAT REASON PRECISELY??? A FEW BAD COMMENTS FROM H …[more]

To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern: My husband, drfellow, has confided in me that he has visited you a few times. He recently admitted that he has seen you on a professional basis and asked for my forgiveness. I have accepted his apology on one condition - that I become his mistress. He has agreed to this …[more]

trained to be a sissy whore

~~I responded to an ad on Craigslist from some guy asking for help to move some furniture. He was paying pretty well and, after I practically laughed at him for asking if I could lift the furniture, he agreed to have me over to get it done. We moved everything around for what felt like hours, often …[more]

at the door

     I was prepared for her to arrive after work...      The candles were burning in the living room.  I was naked, kneeling, in front of the coffee table.  The blindfold covered my eyes, her collar was already in place around my neck, and the leather shackles were on my wrists with the …[more]

his Goddess

A tender demon...that is what you asked for My darling..and so that is what I shall give you...As you give yourself to Me... completely and utterly....for My amusement, My excitement, My entertainment and My arousal. I also give Myself completely to you...My attention, My thoughts, My plans, My care …[more]

Turn My boyfriend into foot slut

I came home from a night out with the girls and my feet were aching. I was wearing my red high heels with no socks or tights as it was a warm summer night with a matching tight red dress. My feet were a bit sore and sweaty from a night of dancing and I was tired. My boyfriend was sitting on the s …[more]

Sissy Gets A Spanking

And just in days, weeks and months (7 to be exact) as before the Thin framed little sissy bitch stood silently by the living room couch with a large wooden flat square hairbrush in her hand. She held it down near waist level. Staring at the floor below her with her head bowed awaiting her governess …[more]