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my awakening, part 4

~~she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. “Rmove my clothes and pleasure me, anyway you like but make it your best effort" i came up behind her and encircled her in my arms. inuzzled her neck and nibbles on her ear lobes. first i removed her bustier. i knelt behind her and lowered her t …[more]

my awakening, part 2

~~~~she led me to the bedroom. again she circled   me and stood behind me. i felt her move close and rake her nails down my back. it sent shivers up my spine! she quickly placed a blindfold over my eyes, i was blind and cuffed, totally at her mercy, or lack of...she pushed me to the bed and stradd …[more]

my awakening, part 3

~~  i put on my outfit. i had never been in anything like it. i looked in the mirror and laughed out loud! what a sight! i went to my Mistress and she had a huge smile on her face. " you really are a slut, my pet" she inspected me closely. "well have to make some changes my pet. you have entirely t …[more]

my awakening...

~~ it was Friday night and id never been to this bar. i was taking in the atmosphere and nursing my beer when a woman sat on the bar stool next to me. as she sat, i got a glimpse of her bard leg under her coat. she smiled at me and i smiled back. "buy me a drink" was it a command or a question? "any …[more]

Rode hard

We're driving back from Baltimore after a long trip there and dealing with an even more annoying client.  We're about three-quarters of the way home, and the pressure in my bladder is increasing.  I've pretty much tuned you out at this point because you've been bitching & complaining about "y …[more]

Reclaimed property

~~Katharina von Hardenberg - 39 years old - head of a wealthy family who claims back the whole estates of East-German village "Kleinhausen"  Ann-Lena von Hardenberg - 19 years old - spoiled daughter of Katharina; she will finish her exclusive high-school this year and wants to become a trainer f …[more]

Baby Dick

               Baby Dick                            Walking through the front door, arriving home from cheerleading practice, Laura jumped back a bit in surprise when she saw Christy come bolting down the stairs. "Oh, it's you. Phewf! You scared me. …[more]

Office slut

~~"Your wife coming tonight?" George asked.  "No, she's gotta work late and take care of the kids." I answer plainly.  It was the end of the first quarter and we had blown away our sales budgets so my boss, George, decided we'd throw a party at the office after closing tonight. I had been hi …[more]

Valentines day fun

~~The young very attractive barmaid was walking toward where the woman was setting at the far end of the very crowded bar. The girl set a second glass of white wine next to the one she had ordered earlier; one still more than half full. "I didn't order another drink." The dark haired beauty said. …[more]

The Farm - Part 1

The Farm – a non-consensual scene   Kathy liked to work with animals.  Particularly she liked to handle them.  She knew she was still a slave and subject to whatever the owners of the farm wanted but they had given her some responsibility for managing their livestock. Every day started wi …[more]