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Never too Late

~~  Never to late to be retraining.  After our marriage was past its fifth anniversary Willem my husband had found a voice that was unacceptable to me Janice. He had been submissive as every acceptable husband should be. Giving me pleasure before I went to sleep, with at least two oral orgasms …[more]

Forced into slavery

~~"Ahhh...uhhh" Gracie Summers slowly rubbed her head as her migraine pounded in the front part of her skull. She was disoriented and her head was spinning from the drugs.  The last thing Gracie remembered was leaving her perfect suburban husband and daughter to do a little pampering for herself …[more]

Camping Story, part 6

I awoke at sunrise. My captors were already out of the tent. Knowing I couldn’t say anything I made some grunts and moans. I could hear outside the tent: “our toy must be awake. Go and bring him out Sophie”  Ms sophie entered and looked down at me and smiled, “its time to break camp and hea …[more]

Camping story, part 3

CAMPING STORY PART 3 As I was contemplating my predicament, I heard footsteps in the gravel. The flap was unzipped and Ms sophie was standing in the opening in the skimpiest bikini id ever seen. Her tanned body barely covered. In her hand was a jar. She stepped in and knelt beside me. “do you n …[more]


As I stumble through the forest to the light from the camp fire my mind is is lost in thought about the woman ive jet to even met.  As I arrive and my eyes adjust to the light from the campfire, I see two women. The older one that ive talked to and a much younger one even more beautiful than the ol …[more]

Camping, Part 1

It had been a hell of a week. My divorce became final the same day I was layed off from work. I moped around the house for a day trying to figure out what my next step would be. No woman, no job, no direction. After a good nights sleep I said “screw it” and decided id head to the mountains for a …[more]

a submissive sissy

A Submissive Sissy My sissy slave husband, Princess, was in the process of paying his usual obeisance to my feet on a recent morning. It's always good to see Princess applying his tongue to my high heels and on this particular morning he was working extra hard to please me since he was about to …[more]

Powerplay Historical Erotica.

Declan slammed her against the brocaded wall, the shadows heavy around them. Behind the wall the sounds of the orchestra's strings could be vaguely heard, the din of laughter and gaiety floating up the staircase, into the forgotten room. Adrianne was still unsure to what purpose the room served, …[more]

Reflections on a scene

I had hoped for/expected something different. Some sweet, intimate rope that left me feeling loved, safe, protected and wanted. I got something different. The tie started, then I was up, suspended. Spare rope was wound around my head in my mouth, effectively gagging me. Slowing spinning. CR …[more]

little red

She knew the path through the woods was treacherous, but fear of violating her curfew went beyond the fear of what might lay down the path between the thick forest trees. Without a second thought-her mind spinning from an encounter only moments before, she sprinted down the seemingly well-worn path, …[more]