I have written my profile a few times now, but no matter how perfect I seem to think it is, I take a look back and see there is always room for improvement.  

For starters, I am a very simple woman. No high heels, dresses are a rare sight on me. Girly flicks and mad drama I am not. Baggage I avoid and the monkey on my back is in the zoo in Houston. I am a happy person and try to find the good in everyone.

You see, when you get me, you get a woman who is down-to-earth, smart, confident, but playfully insecure in some ways. I am a brat by choice. I figure, if a man is going to be with me, then he needs to work a little hard. I value myself and the fact, I am still sexless, would make some cringe at the thought, but over time I have come to look at it as a rare jewel, that the right guy would love to have. 

Now I understand that sex is important part of a relationship, but, it is not the relationship. If you build it solely on that, when the dust settles, what do you have it built on? 

So yes, I do take being friends extremely seriously. It is the foundation upon which all things will be built in a relationship. Through it, trust is established. If the trust is there, the man won't have to threaten me to follow him. I would do so with pride. Being a submissive is so much more than just allowing him to rule my life, but more of me giving him the reins, serving him, making him feel that every day I am with him, I am proud of who he is. Not what he has accomplished in life. Or how much money he has stored up. Key word "what he has stored..." which translate, hands off. I could never understand a woman who is with a man for what he is worth, that is shallow and truly unfair. But enough of that. 

I am his rock, his support, the person he calls first when life has dealt him a shit of a hand. I am there at his feet, standing by his side, watching his back. His warrior lover and his gentle rose. His ride-or-die chick, the Bonnie to his Clyde and his court jester when he needs it. 


I am d/d free, completely sane, very cautious and I love to cook, My heart is genuine. My motives are pure and loyalty is forever. Did I mention I love to laugh, the arts and quite times. 

Since I am only interested in the lighter side of BDSM, being a pain slut, does not interest me. Sorry. 

Now, I would have to also mention those things I am def not into... Scat, pee, needles and knives. Abuse, torture, electrocution and playing with anyone or looking seriously at anyone under the age of 30. 

Please don't read my profile and assume that desperation is what is at play here. Trust me, that is not the reason I am writing all that I have. Nor am I putting out applications for a husband through this. Just take it as a way to understand me better. 

And as far as my "desire's" are concerned. None are something I have tried but I found it, and thought hey why not. For me it is only a fantasy of thoughts, desires and interest. Things I have to, must or need to try. I feel like a tiger tied up, on a short leash in a small box. Not sure what awoke the tiger, but on here is the voice of my inner soul. I have never tried any of the desire's. But with the right guy, I am confident those desires will become reality. 

My other interest include movies, music, dancing (belly, samba, hip hop) and my newest interest .. Pole Dancing... I figure, what better way a sub can please her Dom, than by being his own private dancer....As for good communication, I can hold my own. Love to talk, so, conversations come easy. I can chat about the weather to what best goes with Sweet Potato pie. (Which by the way I make a mean pie)

My Ideal Person: I am looking for a friend first, single or divorced. I do put strong emphasis on the words "single or divorced" I am sorry, married, separated or attached guys I am sure are wonderful, but for me it is not my cup of tea, coffee, soda or sports drink. Married, attached or separated to me the terms are the same. 


I am not here to knock those who would consider the later, it is just not for me. Therefore, if you are married or separated  a friendship could never be established as it could never lead to the place in my life that I would want to go. For me, please... Only men who are single or divorced are of interest to me.

I am looking for a man who enjoys outdoor activities, learning new things, open minded, positive in attitude, and a sports fan (cause I do love my teams. I don't know who would scream the loudest me or him...) 

He must be straight (not bi.) He needs to be someone with a good sense of humor, who enjoys the arts, again, sports, poker. Can't be negative or an ass. Honesty is important, a man of integrity, and who is good at keeping secrets. I love the concept of traveling, going to a different place and seeing new things, but I have only been to one neighboring country and have visited very little of the United States. At some point in the near future, I would love to travel more. 

Strong, confident, compassionate, a good listener and a teacher. Patient, kinky but not sadistic, and discrete.

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