Greetings, I am an admitted submissive, tiny inferior penis, sissy white boi. I accept and believe that sexual intercourse for "ALL" women should be exclusively reserved for Black Men. Black Men are superior in "ALL" ways to white boi's. Woman are turned off by the pale white feminine looking skin of white boi's they know it is a sign of weakness. Women are drawn to and easily excited by the look of a Black Man's body they are always more desirable to look at with their dark chiseled bodies that display a sign of power and dominance. Women know that no matter how physically fit a white boi is he will lack stamina sexually and almost always ejaculate way to soon to satisfy her. Women know that Black Men have the stamina to last hours beyond what it takes to please her. Women know that white boi's have small, weak, limp, unattractive penises, Women know that Black Men have long, thick, hard, swollen, amazing cocks. It is my goal to contribute to the ongoing evolutionary process that is already in motion. A world were "ALL" white boi's are further feminized than they already are. Confined in chastity permanently cut off from sexual intercourse period end of story. This is a fitting punishment for the years of having the freedom to irresponsibly attempt to please women unsuccessfully. Locking up your white boi's will create an scenario whereby his only sexual organs are 1. his mouth "To be used for licking, clean up duties, cock sucking, cum swallowing" 2. his boi pussy "To be used, stretched, pounded, prodded. poked. plugged & fucked" by dildos, plugs, strapons, and even Big Black Cock. White boi's attire should always be feminine in appearance in public or in the work place. When someone sees a white boi they should immediately have the thought that I wonder if those cloths are men's or women's cloths. Panties are a must and never any sort of manly under garments should be allowed. Those are for Men and white boi's fail in the Men category. When in the privacy of the home lingerie & high heels are to be worn at all times. A white boi's body is to be hairless shaved smooth every where accept head hair and a small patch of hair "Landing Strip" just above his chaste clit. White boi's should always be properly groomed with manicures, pedicures, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner ect... This rule should be strickly adhered to. A white boi should begin to feel uncomfortable and out of place in any scenario other than being as feminine as possible. White bois should become the maid of the house tending to "ALL" house hold duties such as cooking & cleaning. The home should always be kept clean & inviting looking for when the wife or girlfriend bring home a Real Man to please her. White boi's have "NO" say so about the activities of the wife or girlfriend. She is 100% free to come and go as she pleases and have as many Real Men lovers as often as she wants. White boi's do not deserve to see the wife or girlfriends naked body how ever on occasions he must be present kneeling on the floor and made to watch as a Black Man fucks her as to further remind him of his place. Seeing this and understanding that he is incapable of accomplishing such a feat helps him be more obedient. White boi's should always do everything possible to recruit other white boi's into understanding where they belong. Its that old theory that it is ok if others are doing it. This will help soften the blow to the ego of those few remaining white boi's out there that have no yet accepted their fate. White boi's should have an agenda to promote & encourage all women to go Black which of course they will never go back. The white boi's Motto: This should be read out loud every morning when waking up and every night before bed. I am a weak, inferior white boi. My penis is to small. I am not a man. I am an object to be used by women and Black Men. Black Men are Real Men and therefore deserve to have their way with not only the women in my life but me as well. I will humbly serve all of the non sexual needs of my wife or girlfriend. I will keep my self feminine and sexy as possible at all times. I will unconditionally offer my mouth & boi pussy to "ALL" Black Men at all times. I am a white boi sissy whore for "ALL" Black Men and a weak chaste sissy cuckold to my wife or girlfriend. For those who have read this in its entirety. I am a single person and do not currently have a Cukoldress wife or girlfriend. I am currently seeking Her. I can offer unconditional obedience and compliance to you if you are interested in discussing this with me please feel free to get in touch.

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Too many years to remember.
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White / Caucasian
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