Slave 748-573-637 is back in my hands. Message me if you were part of the hunt. I wish to personally thank you.

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Note the slaves in my grasp right this moment..
Know they belong to me.
If I catch you poaching, I may consider capturing you the fuck out.
Be known of the apparent and sudden consequences.

Any fincucks or pennydoes under my brand are NOT TO BE APPROACHED with intent of poaching or remotely finflirting in their direction!!!
You have been warned. Let that be the only prodding back into your place you need.


Caught myself a little snack earlier, a bad little findommie who thought she could get away with a much bigger bite than she ever hoped could chew...She failed. I tagged her, and now she's tied to me where she rightfully belongs...I never thought it would be so easy to actually hunt down a slave on my own accord. I never knew just how perfectly capable I was hunting online and not just herding mindless goats into a box. You'll notice my disrespectful little slave up top. She's doing hard time, the reason is between she and I under a special understanding that she will not leave my hold until her time of 5 years and 9 months is UP!!! Until the time runs out, she's going to be waiting on me hand and foot. If you see her misbehaving, I would appreciate a report in my inbox.

I have the means to again track her down, and take what is mine....I certainly will. She is now a certified FinPet owned by myself, an Apex predator in the glorious world of findomme.

Findomme Slave Inquiry

Tributes are accepted. Introduce yourself properly, ask where you should deposit your's.

You little dickhands get your own special little bracket of information, how lucky are you.....

You have a special set of rules.
These rules will help us communicate what we are doing, and what I expect of you as my human atm in short. There is plenty more to come to make your Domina happy, don't you worry about that. You will be given many chances to prove you can serve properly and therefore be worth my attention.

As much fun as it is to jump right into it, and I wish I could, the damn truth is even if you all are just cash cattle, you all have a personality and you don't all fit to the exact same treatment as the guy next to you. I expect you to Introduce yourself up front. Your introduction will include, your name, age, experience with findomme, and how cruelly you wish to be treated. I will take this information as a suggestion. Ultimately I will decide how I see fit to treat you based on how well your perform and serve me. Good boys get noticed more often and I assure you, you are competing for my attention even far outside this website. Shine for your life.

Community sluts are also welcome but I'd rather hold you down for a moment at minimum.

If you want to consider being my finslave, or even just granting yourself the chance to make yourself available, I will let you know the rules once you make your intentions clear and we can begin our games. React quickly, and with much gusto. You have potential to become a favorite one day. Start early. Follow rules.

Best of luck.

"I truthfully doubt you can handle me, but you can certainly try"

(Just because I market in a fetish group does not automatically mean it's personally my fetish, keep it in mind, but don't worry about asking questions for clarification)
Do make yourself at home, and be sure to absorb all information present here before asking questions. It would be rather unfortunate you blew your shot to even have a chance speaking to me on the first try by proving your lack of being resourceful, wouldn't it?

Those of you who managed to avoid obvious ways to piss off any human with respect for their time, thank you. I am happy to see you.

Before I jump into everything, it is important to express I'm a very patient, kind, open, and understanding person who typically does not expect anything from anyone other than what is agreed upon. I tend to only inflict venom if a promise or agreement is broken. I have no intentions of being a cunt to you but if you show signs of disrespect or an overly inflated ego I might start chipping you back into place.

I'm an alpha figure in the sense that I may carry control, but I use those abilities to look after the ones I care for, friends, fans, family, subs, and strangers alike. In truth you all mean something to me, always, regardless of our relationship we custom set up. If you are worried, I would rather mentor you into a safer place in your head or life before getting something out of what we do. For certain, I can put myself into a more predatory mindset if that is what fits the situation, but I'm going to be concerned for your well being first. Just know the difference. I'm very upfront about things, often quite blunt as to avoid misunderstanding, and I tend to cut the shit at the beginning. You aren't being picked on, this is just how I operate when I don't know people.

This is where I lay out what I have available, who I am, what I am interested in, and what I do or perform. To begin, you may refer to me casually as Missa. If you and I have a domme/sub relationship, you refer to me as your Domina. Individual relationships have different rules and guidelines. That is to be discussed in one on one conversation. You will not receive that information here. Learn about me as a domme at the very bottom, and a little above that you'll learn more quicknotes about me as a general person.

As a member here alone, I'm casually in the market for certain subs. I'm also a merchant of adult products.(More about the underneath) I'm here to study kink to capitalize on my skills and knowledge and try to continue to evolve as a dominatrix and being sexually aware in general. It's a hobby I'm pretty enthusiastic about. I'm also just looking to meet and collect like minded people whom I can bounce information and ideas off of. My presence here has many purposes though. Feel free to ask questions. Just make sure they aren't answerable in here.

What do I perform saleswise?
I offer many services under the category of adult entertainment. Some of these are fresher offers and I'm still learning how to fine tune them with experience. Some of these I already have in the bag and we can just get it done without much needed discussion, unless that is what you want personally.

This is just a relatively shortened list on what I can provide you as a service

-Drawn personalized hentai (I'm literally famous for this, your product will be nothing short of perfectly satisfying)
-Dominatrix hourly work (within California laws)
-Internet fetish hourly chat
-Used garments of mine, (panties, bras, socks) ((Still have special ones from middle/highschool)) Be sure to ask for those specifically so i know what you're looking for.
-Abused lollipops
-Vials of assorted bodily fluid
-Human pet training (as in human dogs/horses/livestock)

If you don't see something you have interest in, feel free to ask what we can do together. I don't mind meeting compromise or discussing a new option.


>>Don't you fucking dare come at me with a message with only a word or two in it. If you're approaching me, make a fucking effort.
>>If you have intentions, be up front.
>>If you are looking for domme work, or you want to consider discussing possibilities with me on the matter learn your laws, and what we are allowed to do before you even bother asking me.
>>Obviously, be respectful. I'll remind you where your place is if you forget. Don't worry.
>>Nudes aren't free fucktard.
>>Have something to say. I'm not going to start a conversation you began already.
>>Don't waste my time

"Talk Zodiac to me"<3

(no seriously, I fucking love zodiac shit, tell me your three topmost signs and let me tell you why you are you. Maybe even help you understand a few insecurities. Don't worry though, I mean you no harm :3 just a passion to understand living beings I cross paths with)

*Virgo/Libra cusp
*I raise exotic pets (Scorpions are my focus)
*Regularly tested, never been pregnant nor had a disease.
*DD 36
*Hyper aggressive
*5.5 (short, but I walk really tall)
*Extremely experienced.
*Never had children, never will
*I lactate without help from medication or hormone stimulation. Currently building up my output.
*Highly verified alpha complex
*switch (primarily dominant with females, males I'm fluid with, but don't be confused, I'm always in control.)
*Transspecies (equine)
*Feral as fuck
*Extremely primal and bestial
*I fucking bite..(can handle boundaries)
*and scratch.
*Furry Fandom
*Famous Hentai Artist (i'll post some of my better art pieces in my photos)
*Soft and patient
*0 to 100 cunt if you try to cause me problems. And yes, I will fucking dig into your head and show you exactly why I'm not the one you want to fuck with.)
*I collect exotic pets (actual animals) (As well as that scrap findommie of mine,999-884-050) and although that has nothing to do with sex, I think it's still fun to talk about :3 who doesn't love animals?
*Real blonde, my hair is the only virgin part about me but even that's been fingered.
*Eyes genuinely change color, ask me to show you someday when I meet ya :P
*Muscle dense as fuck. If you can lift me, I'll be fucking impressed.
*specifically, and no obviously not afraid to tell you, 200 lbs. Check out my pics, you won't believe it lol.
*Extremely open
*I've done it all....(mostly)
*Not single, but open relationship.
*Polyamorous not Polygamist.

Just letting you know, I'm in charge.

I may not be a control freak, but I don't handle people who believe they have authority over me well. Even my parents knew to stay far out of my way and pick their battles. Love them dearly, but I don't play that game.

My life consists of constantly having an alpha stance wherever I've gone. Words need not be said. Energy will carry itself out. It is humbled and doesn't demand much, but when faced with hinderance, it can become very venomous and vindictive. I don't fear many things, working with lethal arachnids barehanded, and moving rattlesnakes without fearfully murdering them and calling it "power." That shit is embarrassing and cruel. It's not power, it's just an act of fear and weakness to let something just be. I yell at 2000lbs animals to move out of my way if they are inconvenient. I transform wolf hybrids and vicious birds into cuddly house pets.

If you think you're going to come in and try to domme me, you won't be taken remotely seriously. You aren't scary. You may have some kind of "weapon" up your sleeve, whatever it may be, but it won't have the power over me that you have used over other people. I carry a lot less shame than most people, and my family knows what I do. There is no negative consequences to you thinking you hold something over me. Especially since I don't ever perform any form of illegal activity. Domming is an entirely consentual relationship, and know now, I don't consent... You have the right to be here or leave. If you don't like it, leave. You won't be missed, I assure you. Don't pretend you hold power though, it only makes you look foolish and will certainly prove you don't have a clue what domming really is.

Don't give me some lame "big boy" talk about how you own a big fancy house, and you are a CEO of whatever company, with like 7 girlfriends. The truth is you're a desperate manlet who has something to prove. I won't believe your claims, and if your claims are true, they don't impress me or make you less of a manlet. If you fight to prove yourself to me because you didn't like what I had to say, you're insecure for a very real reason. I can already see it in you from the moment you cross my path. Don't be mistaken. If I can sense personality in a scorpion with no facial expression or body language other than raising a tail, I can definitely sniff you out as an expressive socially driven herd animal we call a human. You aren't special at that point. You've simply proven yourself useless to me, and likely even laughable.

Don't make these mistakes. You will never change my mind.


I'm extremely fetish flexible but I certainly do have limits.
I only perform within the law, and you need to be ok with that.
I'm not a prostitute, and you don't get to be my sub for free. Working with me is a privilege, you aren't entitled to shit.

Some of my growing specialties are:
-animal training
-chastity play

There's a wide array of what I can perform but these tend to be my stronger suits atm.

Findomme is it's whole special game by the way. Do inquire and ask questions

BDSM Events
Blood Play
Breath Play
Canes and Crops
Chastity Devices
Collar & Lead/Leash
Corner Time
Cross Dressing
Electrical Play
Eye Restrictions
Fire Play
Foot Worship
Gas Mask
High Heels
Medical Play
Mental Bondage
Needle Play
Nipple Torture
Orgasm control
Oral worship
Outdoor bondage
Pony & Puppy Play
Public Play
Role Play
Speech restrictions
Strap-on Play
24/7 Slavery
United States
In lifestyle Since:
Too many years to remember.
Marital Status:
5ft 5in
Body Type:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Prefer not to say
White / Caucasian

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